The Nissan GT-R performs superbly on the track and many customers enjoy using their cars hard on circuit. As performance increases and cars are driven quickly they can suffer from overheating of most of the fluid systems. Naturally larger coolers are installed and these car range from new radiators, additional radiators and heat exchangers for the gearbox. All of these revolve around coolant flowing efficiently to maintain optimal cooling.

The GT-R has a mechanical water pump within the engine which is works well on the road but does not provide a large amount flow especially when the revs are low. When you add additional radiators this flow becomes inadequate and does not suit the type of circuit driving the engine will experience.

Our simple solution is an additional electric water pump which sits in line and helps increase flow throughout the systems, reduces air cavitation and insures each cooler is working at the optimal level. The water pump can be controlled by the standard ECU (or standalone) thanks to our neat plug and play wiring loom so it can be driven harder to suit conditions and even enabled when stationary in the pit lane. If you have a Nissan GT-R that is suffering temperature issues please contact us and we’ll run through the solutions we offer.

  • Bosch water pump
  • Easy installation
  • Plug & Play wiring loom
  • Can be programmed for different functions (ie pit lane cooling)
  • Improved water circulation

Nissan GT-R Aux Water Pump

£195.00 exc VAT

£234.00 inc VAT