As many owners have experienced, the original bell housing design was not the GT-R's best feature and subsequent revisions have not really improved the inherent problems. Because of this, we have developed a new replacement unit that solves the issues we see on a regular basis with simple solution.

We machine the original bell housing and replace the bearings with new high quality parts and have revised the design for what we believed will be improved durability and reduced noise. On the OE design the rear bearing, which causes most of the noise and vibration, is not held firmly in position to allow it to move within the casing if the shaft expands. However over time this movement can wear the surrounding casing which leads to increased play and noise. We convert this from a ball race bearing to a fixed position roller bearing design. This way the shaft is able to expand across the roller bearings surface without the casing needing to move. We have also changed the retention of the new front bearing for increased strength.

The exchange program means we can provide a 'while you wait service' with a refreshed and modified bell housings for £1095 including VAT and installation. 

Nissan GTR replacement bell housing

Litchfield GT-R Replacement Bell Housing

£1095 inc VAT