The Nissan GT-R's GR6 gearbox is without doubt one of the best double clutch transmissions on the market. It has been designed and manufactured to Nissan's exacting standards by Aisin using many of the patented Borg Warner components found in many Dual Clutch Transmissions. Although earlier cars have their known faults (mainly based around the gear selection issues), the later minor updates made by Nissan have meant the GR6 gearbox has become a highly reliable unit, able to take a large amount of punishment, even from tuned cars.

nissan gtr gearbox repair parts

Nevertheless, the gearbox is full of mechanical parts and like all mechanical parts, they can fail. If your car is out of warranty and a transmission part fails it can become very costly when Nissan insist on replacing the whole gearbox.

At Litchfield we have the knowledge, training and tools to repair the gearbox at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one. More often than not, the faults are simple problems that can be solved quickly at a sensible cost. Often we will be able to change original parts to upgraded Dodson or Litchfield versions for future reliability and peace of mind.

If you are worried about your gearbox or would like to discuss how best to look after yours please feel free to contact us.

Litchfield GT-R Gearbox Repairs


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