Our GT-R billet front differential casing is designed for high powered cars that will put strain on the standard casing and in turn the mounting points on the engine block.

Some GT-R owners have experienced failures of the front diff, typically when launching, which have then caused a sudden lock up and the side of the engine to be cracked as the diff tears itself from mounts. The Billet diff casing drastically reduces the chance of this catastrophic failure as its solid CNC construction means it is significantly stronger than the cast casing of the OE part.

The Litchfield Billet diff casing is a direct replacement part and can easily be fitted with the engine removed or when the front diff is being upgraded to a Quaife item. This billet casing has been successfully run on a number of our high power GT-R conversion including our LM1 RS track car.

The Litchfield Billet Diff casings are on the shelf and ready to install.


£1,295.00 exc VAT

£1,554.00 inc VAT