The LM Front Differential for the Nissan R35 GT-R will transform its road holding and ability to put power down coming out of bends. If you have a more powerful GT-R or enjoy driving the car on track you will appreciate the addition assistance and balance the LM Front Differential will provide.

The problem with the standard front differential on the R35 GT-R is that it is an open design. This can result in the inside front wheel losing traction as the car squats coming out of corners on power. The 4wd system reacts and tries to move the power to the rear, further upsetting the balance.

The great benefit of the LM Front Differential is that it automatically biases torque, with a constantly varying degree, to the wheel that has traction. This massively reduces inside wheel slip without any negative side effects. For example, they are silent (using gears rather than clutch plates), use standard oil and do not need servicing any more than the standard item. They are also fine to use on the road and do not limit your steering lock or cause inside wheel 'hop' on full lock when parking. Essentially the same design as the front differentials installed in the very best front wheel drive cars this ability to seek out more traction provides real benefits to the chassis performance and driver confidence with the GT-R.

Quaife front differential testing
Quaife front differential product


We feel that the LM Front Fifferential is a must for a track-biased GT-R but also compliments a high performance road car very well. The increased steering feel, front-end grip and stability make a huge difference on any R35 GT-R.


Litchfield GT-R Front Diff.

£795.00 exc VAT

Litchfield GT-R Front Diff. fitted in situ

10 hours labour

£1708.43 exc VAT

Litchfield GT-R Front Diff. fitting with engine removed

2 hours labour

Parts needed – 2L Castrol Diff oil, 2x bearings, shim plates

£1,188.43 exc VAT

Litchfield LM1 RS at Spa