litchfield 102mm gtr exhaust


Our latest design was created to respond to a huge customer demand for an ‘ultimate’ system for the GT-R at a high-value price point. After many hours of testing on road and dyno, we believe we have created it! This latest system has been precision-fabricated in the UK and uses a substantial 102mm diameter as a solution for those discerning owners that refuse to compromise on either soundtrack or performance for their GT-R.

As with everything we do, material choice and construction were paramount from the start. Non-magnetic 304 stainless steel was chosen for the entire system construction, with precision TIG welding used on all joints. With many of our current crop of engine conversions topping 1,200 bhp, this exhaust had to be designed to cope with stresses and temperatures only usually reserved for seven-figure race exotica. Unlike many GT-R exhausts on sale our system has been designed, tested and is built in Britain to insure the best possible finish.

litchfield 102mm gtr exhaust 1
litchfield 102mm gtr exhaust 3

Our GT-R exhaust design features stainless-steel ‘V’ bands, with male/female interlocking 316 grade flanges for a perfect gas seal. The rear silencer also features an additional ‘V’ band to allow for millimetre-perfect adjustment within the rear valance. After all, there’s no point making all this power and sounding the absolute business, if the aesthetics aren’t playing in the same league, is there?

The trim feeder pipes feature AccuSeal clamps, the same items that BMW use on their top-end OEM fitments. The silencer boxes feature an Ultra-High-Temperature acoustic fibre for sonic damping, rather than the usual wire wool or glass-fibre strands, making them far more durable and able to suffer the extreme heat created by a tuned GT-R. An added benefit is that they sound significantly better than the usual way of silencing an exhaust.

Unlike other larger bore systems on the market ours also features a 102mm collector for optimum flow into the rear silencers. It can be ordered with a huge range of tailpipe options, from the original OEM to a wide array of quality aftermarket offerings in stainless steel, chrome and titanium. The centre section can come as the standard non-resonated system, our much quieter triple silenced (and thus far trackday friendly) system or the anti-social Very loud Race system, depending on noise preference of the customer. We also have our twin 100-cell sports cat system that was used on our LM20 models for those customers with downpipes fitted and who still need emission/MOT compliance for Road use. As a reference our 102mm system with the triple silenced version makes 96db on a stage 4 car at Silverstone on a drive by noise test.

gtr 102mm exhaust testing

Benefitting from a lifetime warranty on the non-catted systems and with what we can only politely describe as ‘significant’ power gains, the Litchfield 102mm exhaust represents exceptional value. Available as standard on all of our top-level upgrades, or as a retrospective upgrade to any previously converted GT-R, it is a GT-R tuning essential.


Litchfield GT-R 102mm exhaust

£1,995.00 exc VAT

£2,394.00 inc VAT