Our GT-R downpipes feature a larger cast collector for improved performance along with extra thick Stainless flanges for the ultimate in durability.

These Downpipes remove the front pair of catalytic convertors and reduce the exhaust pressure. Depending on the tune of your GT-R, these are and excellent upgrade for customer looking for a bit more performance and drama from their exhaust. Typically downpipes take around 4 hours to install, assuming the turbo stubs come off simply, and we fitted these daily. They can also be fitted at the same time as our modified bellhousing to reduce labour costs. They require a remap for the car to work correctly and safely after installation. These parts are designed for off road/track use.

Unlike other GT-R downpipes we often see, these versions fit perfectly (no rubbing on propshafts!) and do not crack at the back or across the flange welds. We regularly need to rectify problems after downpipes fail which not only causes a loss in performance and additional cost but also allows a lot of exhaust fumes into the cabin.

The Litchfield downpipes are on the shelf and ready to install.


£595.00 exc VAT

£714.00 inc VAT