Our new Nissan GT-R Y-pipe has been produced specifically to help owners taking part in motorsport events that require a MOT level emissions tests. The Y-pipe was designed in-house and manufactured in the UK to insure the highest quality.

When producing increased power, the Nissan GT-R requires a free flowing exhaust system with the minimum amount of exhaust back pressure. Our UK sourced Sports CATs carry the required loading of precious metals to meet the emissions test requirements whilst the twin CAT design are the correct size and cell count to minimise the back pressure on the engine and turbos.

Every Litchfield Sport CAT Motorsport Y-Pipe is constructed from durable stainless steel, featuring seamless mandrel bends and collector for smooth exhaust gas transition. Plus, with its in-built adapter flange, it’s compatible with both the 76mm standard exhaust diameter and our larger 102mm system* with the optional rear section.

*Litchfield 102mm exhaust compatibility since 2018/19


The Y-pipe performance allows enough mass flow for 1,000bhp as it was fitted to our Demo LM1 GT-R and the 2022 Time Attack Championship winning. We carried out detailed dyno testing on our Superflow engine dyno during the prototyping phase using one of our built engines and the Sport CAT Y-pipe showed almost no increase in back pressure at 700bhp with identical peak power and only a minor increase at 800bhp when compared to a straight through De-CAT system. This was further supported by the installation on our popular Stage 4.25 660bhp upgraded engine using our Maha MSR500 rolling road which showed no change in performance compared to back to back tests with the original straight through setup.

Our Maha rolling road also features a 5-gas Analyser and Emissions drive cycle modes which allowed for the emission levels to be confirmed with the different catalysts. Emission test results also showed a comfortable MOT emissions pass when tested at different temperatures.


Stage 4.25 dyno testing before and after graphs.

MOT Emission PASS results on Stage 4.25.

Acoustic Comfort

Our new Y-Pipe with Sport Catalytic Converters offers significant noise reduction benefits on top of reducing harmful emissions. The optimised gas flow and large catalyst matrix help straighten and reduce the sound waves which suppresses the excessive exhaust sounds. This results in a more refined and less intrusive exhaust note, especially during high-revving and aggressive driving scenarios.

Along with the dyno testing we also took the car to Castle Combe where we could complete further datalogging and check noise produced on a full throttle drive by. Castle Combe, like many UK circuits, has tight noise limits and it was pleasing to see that this popular Stage 4.25 configuration passed their tests comfortably. The car was fitted with Litchfield Downpipes, Litchfield Sport CAT Motorsport Y-Pipe and standard rear silencer and at full power (660bhp) the exhaust produced 84.6 Decibels with a static test of 97 db.

Static noise test @ 4,500rpm = 97 Decibels**
Drive by noise test = 84.6 Decibels**
**Noise levels and limits will vary from circuit to circuit and with the weather conditions. These figures are used as an example.

As fitted to the 1,000bhp 2022 Time Attack Championship winning Nissan GT-R.



Litchfield Sport Cat Motorsport Y-Pipe to OEM/75mm Exhaust

£1,150.00 exc VAT

£1,380.00 inc VAT

Litchfield Sport Cat Motorsport Y-Pipe to LM 102mm Exhaust

£1,211.23 exc VAT

£1,453.48 inc VAT