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Suitable for all R35 GT-R versions, our most popular upgrade is our performance Y-Pipe for the GT-R which removes two of the restrictive exhaust Catalytic Convertors. This is the ideal first upgrade for customers that are disappointed in the standard car's muted exhaust note. The Y-pipe allows the engine to breathe more easily and subtly improves the exhaust tone. This cost effect upgrade provides the following improvements:

Milltek GTR Y Pipe

  • Twin flexible joints to allow movement
  • Tuned Y length to avoid droning at motorway speeds
  • Reduced weight (Saving 7kg over original section)
  • Highest quality aircraft-grade stainless steel
  • Manufactured to tight ISO 9001 quality controlled standards
  • Below are some sound samples before and after the Y-pipe is installed

To achieve the full performance increases we recommend installing in conjunction with our ECU remap. The Y-pipe makes up part of our Stage 1 Upgrade(Circa 590bhp).




Milltek Y-Pipe - Non-resonated

£503.67 exc VAT

£604.40 inc VAT

Milltek Y-Pipe - Resonated

£503.67 exc VAT

£604.40 inc VAT


This Nissan GT-R R35 76mm Performance exhaust system is designed to work in conjunction with our successful Milltek Sport Y-Pipe. The new stainless steel performance exhaust system consists of a Y-Piece Connecting Pipe, Link Pipe, Rear Silencer Assembly, and stunning Quad 5" tailpipes.

Milltek GTR Cat Back Exhaust

The new system significantly improves exhaust gas flow and removes many of the restrictive bends found in the standard silencers. The Milltek performance benefit is also matched with its excellent exhaust sound.

This is one of the few exhaust systems for the Nissan GTR that is E-marked and with full TUV approval. Part of the approval scheme is detailed testing of the noise and performance changes the new system makes. The TUV test showed that the Milltek CAT back system showed over a 37% reduction of back pressure. Despite this significant back pressure drop the new Milltek design still maintains a subtle but purpose exhaust note without increasing the overall noise output.

To achieve the full performance increases we recommend installing in conjunction with our ECU remap. The Y-pipe makes up part of our Stage 2 Upgrade.


Milltek Cat Back Exhaust - 76mm

From: £1495.15 exc VAT

£1,794.18 inc VAT


These are GT-R downpipes which features a larger cast collector for improved performance along with extra thick Stainless flanges for the ultimate in durability. They remove the front pair of catalytic convertors and reduce the exhaust pressure. Depending on the tune of your car, these can be fitted at the same time as our modified bellhousing to reduce labour costs. They require a remap for the car to work correctly after installation and are designed for off road/track use.

Unlike other GT-R downpipes we often see, these UK versions fit perfectly (no rubbing on propshafts!) and do not crack at the back or across the flange welds.


Milltek Cast Downpipes

£658.66 exc VAT

£790.39 inc VAT

Milltek GTR exhaust downpipe 1
Milltek GTR exhaust downpipe 2
Milltek GTR exhaust downpipe 3
Milltek GTR Cat back exhaust 2