Installation of a fuel pressure sensor allows us to further enhance the fuel strategies to provide tighter control of fuelling at low pulse widths with compensation for battery voltage and fuel pressure. The standard system assumes linear scaling for the small OE injectors but by using these improved 3D maps we can provide a more realistic injector profile for larger injectors with closed loop feedback.

The fuel pressure loop also allows us to provide additional compensation to the fuelling if external factors affect the fuel supply. For example on a track event in Portugal our 2018 demonstrator GT-R required no trim corrections with a fresh tank of fuel and cool conditions. As ambient temperature conditions rose to 35degrees+ and the car was low on fuel the compensation pre-emptively adjusted the fuel demand to maintain the correct mixture meaning the standard ECU calculations had to make very little adjustment from after the combustion events. This helped maintain a consistent performance throughout the day.

Another major advantage to installing the sensor is it gives an additional active safety trip to help keep your engine protected if there was a loss of fuel pressure. The standard Version 8 trips work by monitoring the combustion of the engine and if it has run lean for a period of time it will help trigger the safety trip. Using the sensor means we can trigger the safety trip prior to the engine running lean, ideal for catching faulty fuel pumps or fuel cavitation from high temperature and pressure in the tank.

The fuel pressure sensor and SD conversion are standard items on all our new Track Edition and future GT-R specials we sell new at Litchfield because of the improvements they bring to both performance and reliability.


£236.50 exc VAT

£283.80 inc VAT