We have produced our own Flex Fuel kit to allow a cost effective way of running Ethanol on your Nissan GT-R. Designed to run on cars running our Stage 4 conversion and above this neat Plug & Play solution works seamlessly with our Nissan GT-R Ecutek software to safely increase power at different Ethanol bends.

We are proud to say our Flex Fuel kit was designed, programmed and tested in-house by our R&D department and manufactured here in the UK.

The LM Flex Fuel kit comes with everything needed for the ECU to see the Ethanol content in the fuel and connects neatly to the standard engine bay fuel setup (revised kits available for aftermarket fuel systems). The kit includes:

  • OEM Flex Fuel Sensor
  • Litchfield Flex Fuel controller
  • Plug & Play adaptor loom
  • CNC anodised Fuel union
  • Adaptor pipe work
  • CNC mounting bracket for the GT-R

Ethanol is a brilliant fuel for adding power to a turbo engine as it is not only has a high octane (up to 114RON) but also reduces the temperature of the charge within the cylinder which also acts as an additional safety measure and power generator. Ethanol will require around 30% more fuel quantity to produce the same power and of course even more for extra power. This means elements of the fuel system may need upgrading to keep up with the required flow.

The Flex Fuel sensor works by measuring the Ethanol content in the fuel and our Control box is able to convert this signal and supply it back to the ECU. The Ecutek software has a host of dedicated Flex Fuel tables which we can edit to suit each car and this allows the ECU to change the fuelling, ignition timing and boost for more power as the Ethanol percentage increases. We also add a number of custom maps which further refines the tune when running Ethanol. The driver can momentarily check the Ethanol Percentage on the MFD using the Steering wheel controls or view it live within the ECU Connect Phone App.

Please contact our Service Department with any questions.

LM Flex Fuel Kit

£395.00 exc VAT

£474.00 inc VAT