Nissan GT-R T-Rex Tech Dash Replacement (2009-2014)

The T-Rex is designed to replace the GT-R’s interior screen and heat controls with a more modern looking 9.8” tablet display which brings with it improved features and connectivity.

  • Improved phone connectivity and Bluetooth music streaming
  • Google PlayStore Apps
  • Google Maps
  • Ecutek App control for datalogging and custom feature adjustments
  • Connect to YouTube for video streaming
  • Stream Music from the Internet
  • Google Chrome Internet Access
  • Custom Dash themes to tailor your display look
  • Optional Carbon Fibre display surround available in Matt or Gloss finishes
  • Optional rear reversing camera available
  • “Over the Air” updates for constant improvements

Some of the earlier GT-R’s can experiences issues with their screens and heater controls and the T-Rex will resolve these problems by replacing these outdated units completely and more cost effectively.

Often imitated, never duplicated. The T-Rex Pro Kit for the Nissan GT-R includes custom developed Android ROM. Heavily modified configuration blended with its’ gorgeous custom interfaces. The T-Rex Pro Kit has unmatched functionality, unparalleled performance, and looks like that would make even Godzilla’s head turn!

Here at Litchfield we carry the T-Rex units in stock and have the experience to offer quick installation. We are able to pre-program your unit to save time and installation takes around 3-4 hours.


T-Rex Tech Nissan GT-R Head Unit

£1,379.83 exc VAT

£1,655.80 inc VAT

T-Rex Tech Nissan GT-R Carbon Face Plate

£458.33 exc VAT

£550.00 inc VAT

T-Rex Tech Nissan GT-R Rear View Camera

£25.99 exc VAT

£31.19 inc VAT

Labour to install

£356.00 exc VAT

£427.20 inc VAT

Labour to install with rear camera

£534.00 exc VAT

£640.80 inc VAT