The Nissan GT-R is exceptionally quick on track and despite its weights is capable of setting fast laptimes even with standard power levels. The forces asserted on the chassis of the GT-R are immense and we have found that the rear subframe bushes can wilt under this pressure. This can cause inaccurate handling traits, changes in geometry and a loss of driver confidence as the chassis does not respond as expected.

The rear subframe carried the large GR6 gearbox and is mount to the rear of the car via a number of solid studs. These studs are surrounded by the subframes rubber inserts and bolted from underneath. Over time this securing rubber can determinate and allow greater movement. By replacing this with a solid bush kit the subframe is held securely to the underside of the car.

Suspension operation and chassis alignment during direction changes and force is held true allowing the chassis to maintain grip levels and increase the sense of feel. The driver will have more confidence in the inputs and will be able to understand the information coming back more clearly allowing the car to feel more predictable and sure footed.

We have been running our solid bush kit in all our GT-R development cars on both the road and track. Their installation makes little difference to the noise, vibration and harshness (NHM) experienced in the cabin but every driver that experiences it is shocked at the difference it makes to the steering and chassis balance. Our solid subframe mounts are CNC engineered to provide a perfect fit and are an ideal replacement for those using their GT-Rs on track or with old cars where the bushes have become tired.

  • Billet 7075 aerospace aluminium bushes
  • 10 pieces per car
  • Replaces the original bushings without any need for further modifications
  • Reduces unwanted moment/ flex in the rear sub-frame which in turn allows the suspension to work a lot more consistently and gives a lot more predictability.
  • The subframe mounts solidly against the chassis which stops any movement between the subframe and the chassis.
  • As used on 2022 Time Attack winning Nissan GT-R

LM Nissan GT-R Subframe bush kit

£295.00 exc VAT

£354.00 inc VAT

Labour to install solid mounts with sub frame removed

£356.00 exc VAT

£427.20 inc VAT