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We have been working closely with specialist throttle body manufacturer AT Power to create an upgrade that will not just benefit big power builds but will improve the performance and appearance of all GTR engines. AT Power are renowned for their quality engineering and are suppliers of throttle bodies for McLaren and Toyota Motorsport to name a few.

The project itself started many years ago and we even showed prototypes on our Autosport stand back in 2012. However we quickly realised just how complicated the throttle control system was when using the standard ECU and development was put on hold. Recently with improved software control from Ecutek and the demands of some of our 1,000bhp build we began to revisit the project.

litchfield gtr throttle body comparison

Litchfield/AT Power (left) - OEM (right)


The throttle bodies have now been re-engineered to be a simpler ‘plug and play’ replacement for the original, using the OEM pick-up points, mountings and motor. By removing the original motor and internals we were also able to significantly reduce the price. We will continue to look at ways of integrate new motors in the future for larger diameter versions but these will require a lot of additional testing to insure they are as durable and glitch free as the OEM system.

The throttle bodies are machined from a solid billets of aerospace grade aluminium (6082 & 7075) and feature stainless steel blades and fixings throughout.

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gtr throttle body 2
gtr throttle body 3
gtr throttle body 4

The AT Power bodies also feature several unique features that set them apart from other units in the market place. For example their ‘shaftless’ stainless steel throttle blade minimises airflow disturbance for maximum power and is lighter for lower inertia. AT Power have measured an almost non-existent 1 CFM drop in flow between their design with the ‘shaftless’ blade fully open and no blade at all.

Featuring a 72mm bore that offers massive 44% larger surface area over the original 60mm bore and this excludes the large OEM shaft.

The complete Litchfield throttle body kit represent excellent value for such beautifully engineered components. They can be specified as part of any bespoke Litchfield conversion and are available as mail order through our online shop and parts department.

Litchfield GT-R Throttle Bodies

£995.00 exc VAT

£1,194.00 inc VAT

gtr throttle body fitting
gtr throttle body fitted