Nissan Juke Tuning


Litchfield have been successfully tuning the 1.6T engine in the Nissan Juke since its launch in 2011. We help develop the original EcuTek software which has seen many advances over the years. We use this software to transfer our own calibrations, developed on our own DiG-T, into the engine ecu.

This engine tuning works on all of the Juke 1.6T cars, including the Nismo and RS models, and gives significant gains in horsepower, torque and driveability. We can provide the upgrade for both the manual 2wd models and the CVT 4wd model. Performance upgrades for the Juke come in the two stages listed below.

Stage 1 - 235bhp / 235lbft

After significant work on the dyno and road with our own Nissan Juke DiT we have developed a calibration which provides your car with a significant performance lift without sacrificing the driveability.

Our Stage 1 upgrade will provide a large, safe power increase of nearly 70bhp from the original 176bhp (of the original 1.6 DiT) to a potent 235bhp. However, just as importantly the torque figure jumps drastically by 58lbft from 177lbft to 235lbft. We have carefully profiled this torque increase to improve its delivery and minimise torque steer.

With the Ecutek software we can also give the driver the option of adjustable boost levels to further customise their setup.

These power figures are based on Shell Vpower or Tescos 99 Octane but the calibration has been designed to work safely on all super unleaded fuels and retains all the factory safety features.

Installing our upgraded calibration takes approximately 1 hour and if customers would like dyno time we can provide before and after runs and fine tuning for an additional £144 inc. VAT.

Customer who are some distance from us can benefit from our remote tuning services, please contact us to find our more information.


Stage 1

1 hour install

Optional before and after dyno runs

£500.00 ex VAT

£120.00 ex VAT

Nismo Juke Dyno tuning
nismo badge
Juke dyno tuning 1
Juke dyno tuning 2

Stage 2 - 250bhp / 260lbft (RS Model)

Juke owner’s looking for even more performance can upgrade from Stage 1 or go direct to Stage 2.

Like many turbo engines one of the biggest limiting factors in performance is temperature and in the Juke’s case charge air temperature (the air going into the engine after the turbo). The standard Juke Dig-T intercooler is both small and quick to saturate, restricting flow and reducing performance. Nissan are aware of this and fit all Jukes with a Charge Air Temperature sensor which we are able to log using the Ecutek software. At sensible power and boost levels this temperature can be kept under control but when asking for a little more the temperature levels become too high and the ECU reduces power for safety.

It was for this reason we asked our partners at Forge Motorsport to develop a larger intercooler. This new intercooler kit uses a much larger and more efficient core which produces an incredible drop in intake temperature of up to 20°C, which combined with reduced pressure loss, allows the engine to produce more power and torque throughout the rev range.

Our Stage 2 calibration takes advantage of this and increases power to around 250bhp and torque to 240lbft on the 1.6 Dig-T and Nismo models. At these power levels the standard car retains all of its drivability. Going beyond this power will see the standard chassis struggle to put this to the ground effectively. However on the RS models, which come with a limit slip differential and upgraded connecting rods, we allow the torque to increase to 260lft.

The Stage 2 upgrade also comes with a performance K&N airfilter to further aid engine breathing.


Stage 2 Package

4hrs to install

Upgrade from Stage 1

£1,400.00 ex VAT

£1,150.00 ex VAT


We also offer the excellent Eibach Pro Kit springs for the Juke. With a wheel alignment (using adjustable camber bolts) and Eibach spacers they greatly improve the ride and handling as well as look and stance of the Juke without making the car unsuitable for everyday use.

The springs and bolts are also available to buy separately from our online shop, or by contacting our parts department.

Eibach Pro Kit

4hrs install with laser alignment

£693.11 ex VAT

Juke road testing
Juke Nismo Dyno tuning