Gyeon Paint Protection Film (PPF) provides an uncompromising protective barrier to you paint work. A highly self-healing and resistant paint protection film complemented by a range of dedicated coatings and maintenance products.

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

As Gyeon trained and certified installers we are able to offer their complete PPF range or products. Their high quality films provide outstanding protection against chemical and road debris and help keep your paint work in its original condition. Gyeon’s top of the range Protect+ film is also enriched with a ceramic coating that provides a deep gloss finish and helps colours truly shine. The Gyeon PPF material has its self-healing properties which means you won’t need to replace it after minor scratches, scuffs and stone chips.

The Process

Dependant on the level of PPF coverage you decide to go for will dictate how long we would require the car for. Each car starts with a deep clean with snow foam followed by an expert inspection in our detailing room. This will highlight any potential paint deficiencies which can then be rectified prior to the film being installed. We also offer an optional 3-Stage polish and paint correction service if you decide. Once cleaned and inspected the car is ready for the PPF installation.

We have the Gyoen approved Plotter and software which allows us to individually cut the required material and shapes for each particular part of the car. These extremely accurate prints are also customised in-house to insure that the body work is fully protected without the need to trim the film on the car.

The film is installed within our surgically clean and climate controlled detailing room to minimise contamination and insure the very best finish. The film is applied with a special slip solution which allows our technician to perfectly line up the film on each panel before the liquid is squeezed out. Once allowed to dry the film is inspected and moved into our indoor storage area where the film has time to settle in a clean environment with regular inspections.

Once completed the car is detailed and ready for collection.

Typically, the time required for completing a front end protection is 7 days and a full car coverage takes 10-14 days.

Litchfield PPF Pricing

Prices for PPF are based using the top of the range Protect+ film in one of the 3 levels of cover we offer, the size of the vehicle and the complexity of the PPF template. For example, a Toyota GR Yaris is a small vehicle so requires less film but has an extremely complex front bumper that uses over 25 individual sections. A BMW M2 is a similar size but a much simpler shape from an application point of view.

VW Golf GTi

Full Front End

£1,500.00 exc VAT

£1,800.00 inc VAT

Full Front End + High End Impact

£1,900.00 exc VAT

£2,280.00 inc VAT

Full Coverage

£3,400.00 exc VAT

£4,080.00 inc VAT

BMW 1M / M2

Full Front End

£1,600.00 exc VAT

£1,920.00 inc VAT

Full Front end + High end impact

£1,900.00 exc VAT

£2,280.00 inc VAT

Full Coverage

£3,500.00 exc VAT

£4,200.00 inc VAT

Toyota GR Yaris

Full Front end

£1,700.00 exc VAT

£2,040.00 inc VAT

Full Front end + high end impact

£2,000.00 exc VAT

£2,400.00 inc VAT

Full Coverage

£3,300.00 exc VAT

£3,960.00 inc VAT

Nissan R35 GT-R

Full Front End

£1,700.00 exc VAT

£2,040.00 inc VAT

Full Front end + High end impact

£2,150.00 exc VAT

£2,580.00 inc VAT

Full Coverage

£4,000.00 exc VAT

£4,800.00 inc VAT

Coverage options

We split the PPF coverage options into 3 levels:


Front End coverage includes protection of the front bumper, bonnet and wings.


Front End + High Impact coverage includes additional protection of high impact areas such as sign skirts and partial rear quarter panel coverage.


Full Vehicle coverage includes all of the vehicle bodywork.



Gyeon provide a range of different film options but our default option is their top of the range Protect+ film. This is a thick and hydrophobic paint protection film that offers maximum resistance against UV, chemical and mechanical damage. It is easy to apply with a low stretch mark risk, and has excellent gloss and self-healing properties. Protect+ also has a ceramic top coating to further enhance its finish and the films resistance to dirt.

Other films in the Gyeon range are:


Enhance serves as a shield against chemical and mechanical damage with no visual compromise, and sets a new standard in the PPF industry for clarity and depth. It is easy to apply and feels very slick, and has excellent hydrophobic and self-healing properties.


Matte is a non-glossy paint protection film for matte and satin finishes, and is highly resistant to chemicals, UV rays and yellowing. It is very easy to apply, has extreme hydrophobic properties and fully preserves the OEM look of matte and satin paint finishes. Plus, it can also be used to turn glossy finishes matte.


Tint is a darkening film for light clusters, and offers a 25% tint with all of the usual protective benefits of modern paint protection film. It has excellent hydrophobic and self-healing properties, and provides a subtle styling effect along with a high level of protection.


Black is a high gloss, deep black paint protection film that delivers an outstanding piano black finish with minimal visible structure. It shares many of the characteristics and properties of enhance, and provides a strong styling effect along with a high level of protection.

If you would like to have your vehicle protected with Gyeon Paint Protection Film or have any questions, then please contact our service department

After Care and Maintenance

Gyeon provides a straight forward manual on how to look after their film and the car body work in general. As part of the Gyeon after care and maintenance it is advised that the car is not washed with any chemicals within the first 14 days of installation. After the 14 days period, do not use automatic car washes but find a trusted person to hand wash the car. Any contaminations that are on the PPF material should be removed safely and as quickly as possible. The Gyeon application will also come with a service detail which you will be expected to attend every 24 months or 15,000 miles, or attend with a certified Gyeon detailer.


Gyeon PPF infinite warranty is determined by the customer, if the PPF is maintained by the owner and not a Gyeon partner then it is a 7 year warranty. If the Film is maintained by a Gyeon specialist then it is a lifetime warranty, following our after care and maintenance plan.