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Like most car enthusiasts we love to care for our investments and from the moment we saw the Paint Protection Spray (PPS) we knew this would be a revolution. This liquid wrap will not only protect your vehicles body work but it also enhances its appearance.

The benefits over traditional paint protection film are vast;

  • Whole car or front end protection Enhances original paint appearance
  • Choice of self-healing finishes
  • Liquid spray fills minor scratches and swirl marks in the original lacquer
  • Complete colour changes available
  • Can be sprayed seamlessly onto all shapes and contours
  • Requires no cutting on the vehicle
  • Does not lift or get dirt under its edges
  • Does not discolour in sunlight
  • Reduces ‘orange peel’ effect of original paint
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty
  • Can be removed at any time leaving no residue of marks on original paint

We have created a purpose built facility with a custom spray booth that enables us to perfectly control the application of the PPS. The buildings clean interior and full climate control allows us to apply the product in the optimum conditions to insure a great finish every time.

Close up of Porsche Carrera rear with High Gloss finish

The Perfect Finish

Our PPS can provide an easy to clean high gloss finish that brings out the best of your car’s paint and covers some of the minor imperfections like swirl marks. We can also offer Satin and Matt finishes for those looking to create a more custom look. These final finishes also have an incredible ‘self healing’ top layer that removes minor abrasions and scratches with heat.

In practical terms this means cleaning your vehicle can become a much quicker and easier process as you won’t need to worry as much about a traditional top lacquer becoming scratched.

Change Colour with your Mood

Another amazing aspect of our PPS is how it caters for colour changes. Your only limitation is your imagination. You can have any colour with any finish and all without effecting the original paint below! The colour change process adds a few extra layers to the process and gives incredible custom results.

First the plastic coating is applied before individual colour is painted on and the final top coating is applied to lock in and protect the new colour underneath. If you desire another change or want to revert the car back to its original paint it can be peeled off just as easily, leaving no marks or residue.

High gloss finishes before ceramic coating

McLaren Before

McLaren After

Finishing Touch

We have been working with industry experts Autoglym for many years and their latest ceramic coating products work perfectly with our PPS material. This new formulation produces superior depth of colour and shine, and creates a tough, protective coating for maximum resistance to environmental hazards.

Cleaning is made even easier as the ceramic coating helps water bead away and reduces the road grime's ability to stick to the bodywork.

This additional coating can be applied directly to our top lacquer to further enhance your body work.


Follow the colour change transformation that we were commissioned to complete for the Official Porsche dealer in Tewkesbury as part of Porsche’s 75th Anniversary celebrations. The goal was to help promote the factory Paint To Sample options and the car was displayed both in their Showroom and later on the Porsche stand at the Goodwood festival of Speed. Once the promotion had finished the second video shows the removal of the PPS.

Protection Prices

Performance cars come in all shapes and sizes and so some protection work is more intricate and time consuming than others. Typical price estimates:

Front end protection including headlights in high gloss lacquer

£2,995.00 exc VAT

£3,594.00 inc VAT

Full body protection including headlights in high gloss lacquer

£5,995.00 exc VAT

£7,194.00 inc VAT

Gyeon Ceramic Coating of vehicle body, alloy wheels & interior protection

£495.00 exc VAT

£594.00 inc VAT

Full colour changes will be based on the full protection cost plus the additional time and paint materials required


We have coated a number of our own demonstrators and personal cars so please feel free to arrange an appointment to view the quality of finish our PPS delivers.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions on how we can help you.