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We are delighted to release our Porsche 718 GTS & GT4 exhaust system.

After months of development work on our own Porsche 718 GT4 we have produced a new exhaust that brings back the aural excitement and drama so missing from these otherwise amazing car. Now the 4.0 litre engine not only produces a characterful exhaust tone but our system also reduces weights and increases performance.

We have more information on the design process of our 718 GTS & GT4 exhaust on our blog here.

Our new exhaust replaces the original heavy and quiet Porsche rear silencer saving 7kg from the rear of the car. The new exhaust leaves all the Catalytic Convertors, OPF filters and sensors in place. The install takes less approximately 2 hours and utilises the original brackets and heat shielding for a straight forward fitment and can quickly be reverted back to standard at a later date.

These Exhaust are handmade in the UK by a skilled fabricators that have supplied F1, WRC and top level motorsport so you can be assured that the quality and finish is of the highest standard. Each system is Tig welded and made from high strength 304 stainless steel.

Our new system also retains the original Porsche exhaust tail trims to keep a subtle, standard appearance.

The rear silencer uses an internal chamber with x-pipe design to help improve scavenging and reduce droning. With the valves open the engine performance is improved by 20bhp with useable gains in torque from as little as 4,000rpm (14.5lbft @5,000rpm) with power increasing higher up the rev range where the engine spins freely as it accelerated more readily to the redline.

The Litchfield exhaust will enhance the enjoyment of your Porsche, producing a characterful and measured engine noise, reducing weight, increasing performance and all at a sensible price.

Watch Motoring Journalists and TV presenter Paul Cowland review our new exhaust on track:

Litchfield 718 Exhaust System

Designed to suit both 2019 and the later 2020 models which feature revised support brackets from the factory.

£3,295.00 exc VAT

£3,954.00 inc VAT