The Porsche 911 is a performance icon and in the latest 991.2 variant offers both incredible levels of performance and refinement. With the switch to all 3.0 Litre turbo charged engines there is significant opportunities to improve this performance. We have our own 3.0T development vehicle in the form of our Carrera T so we will be producing the very best engine, chassis and cosmetic options for all of the 991.2 Carrera models.

"The fact such relatively minor modifications unleash so much more performance and character in the engine is nothing less than a revelation."

Car Magazine - 25/09/18 - Litchfield Carrera T

"If you have a Carrera T and want more power and sharper handling, send it to Litchfield. If you want one of the most rewarding and engaging sub-£100,000 sports cars on sale today, buy a Carrera T and send it to Litchfield. It’s that good."

Autocar - 05/10/18 - Litchfield Carrera T