The Litchfield Handling kit comprises of two elements that will transform the way our 991 Carrera steers and rides. The first element is a replacement solid bush for the front suspension. This bushes provides additional caster and camber options for the geometry (similar to the GT3) and increases the amount of dynamic camber provided to the front wheels for improve tyre control, steering feel and weight. The surface of the tyre remains flatter when in a straight line and during a bend giving increase grip and reduced understeer.

The revised suspension geometry is complimented by our unique springs that were developed for our Carrera T. This like the GTS models (optional on other Carrera models) features the Porsche PASM suspension dampers. The PASM suspension was also a popular option on the Carrera S models as well.

Having driven the car extensively on the road and track we felt the standard springs could be improved especially with the control of weight transfer onto the front axle under brake. It was also important that we maintained the excellent ride quality in the normal drive modes.

We commissioned our technical partner KW to create a spring kit that works with both the PASM suspension and lower ride height. With these installed we were able to lower the rear by around 10mm (similar to the GT3 ride height) and bring the front back in line with a 20mm drop. This slight rake not only looks superb, but also improves turn-in and weight transfer. With higher spring rates all round than the OEM set-up, particularly at the front, the 911’s dive was drastically reduced. The result is a car that still has that factory feel – as is comfortable on a long motorway cruise, but so much sharper when switching the dampers to Sport mode as well as looking much better!

This spring kit is height adjustable so the ride height can be changed to a higher or lower setting when they are installed.

See our incredible reviews of our Carrera T in Autocar (5-Stars), Car Magazine (5-Stars), Top Gear (9/10), and Evo Magazine (4-Stars) where the journalists rave about the ride and handling improvements these springs help deliver.