Litchfield OBD Custom Tuning

We offer a fully re-calibrated engine management system, providing significant increases to both power and torque. This customised ECU mapping releases considerably more power than standard or ‘off the shelf tunes’ and allows us to create a really smooth, driveable car. The process is straight forward and no longer requires the ECU to be removed and unlocked. We are now able to plug directly into the car and tune it straight away via the OBD port. This offers fast programming or reverting back to standard.

We have invested in our own 3.0T powered 991.2 so we have been able to fine tune the calibration on our Maha Dyno (the same used by Porsche) but more importantly we are living with our setup day to day on both the road and track. We feel we have developed the ultimate software upgrade for the 991.2 turbo engine.

All the current 3.0 Turbo engines are the same except for the turbos themselves; the Carrera S uses a slightly larger compressor wheel and the GTS uses both a larger compressor wheel and turbine wheel to increase power.

Our software upgrade for standard 911.2 Carrera models provide the following increases when using Shell Vpower:

Model Power Torque
Carrera and Carrera T Standard 365 bhp (370 PS) 332 lbft (450 Nm)
Carrera and Carrera T Litchfield Remap 460 bhp (466 PS) 430 lbft (583 Nm)
Carrera S Standard 414 bhp (420 PS) 369 lbft (500 Nm)
Carrera S Litchfield Remap 493 bhp (500 PS) 430 lbft (583 Nm)
Carrera GTS Standard 444 bhp (450 PS) 406 lbft (550 Nm)
Carrera GTS Litchfield Remap 532 bhp (540 PS) 479 lbft (650 Nm)

Litchfield Custom Tuning

£795.00 exc VAT

£954.00 inc VAT

Remote Custom Tuning Available

Cobb Accessport

The Cobb Accessport provides a fast and convenient way of tuning compatible vehicles. The large, full colour, high resolution screen allows you to simply follow the onscreen prompts to successfully tune your vehicle at home or at the circuit. The Accessport comes pre-loaded with Cobb’s excellent Stage upgrades but it also allows Cobb Master Tuners, like Litchfield, to provide even more focused and powerful custom tunes to suit your car and hardware upgrades. Once tuned the Accessport can be placed in its neat case in the glove box or is in-cabin mountable to allow you to monitor up to six parameters in real time so you can monitor the cars performance. Using the free Accessport manager software you can simply upload datalogs or revised files so you’re tuning can evolve as any new parts are installed.

Should your car develop a problem you can easily record a datalog for remote assistance or read and clear fault codes using the Accessport.

Fully customizable from the look (multiple bezel colours), layout (set up a race, street or dyno gauge cluster) and mounting options (choose from 1,000s of standard vehicle mounts).

The Accessport allows you to uninstall your tuning at anytime which reverts the calibration back to standard. Once uninstalled the Accessport can be sold or installed on another similar vehicle giving real value to your investment.


Cobb Accessport with Litchfield Custom Map

Vehicles without PDK.

£1,516.00 exc VAT

£1,819.20 inc VAT

Cobb Accessport with Litchfield Custom Map

Vehicles with PDK.

£2,076.00 exc VAT

£2,491.20 inc VAT