We have been developing these turbos for some time and have run them successfully on our own 991.2 Carrera T. These turbos use a similar compressor wheel and turbine wheel sizes to the 991.2 GTS models and this allows them flow enough air to produce 600bhp with supporting modifications. The Compressor wheel is further enhanced with its billet construction which is both lighter than the standard wheel and also features extended tips to increase airflow further without creating additional lag. The central core is equipped with the latest uprated 360 thrust bearings which aid throttle response and improve durability and the turbine wheel uses a larger profile that the standard turbos to reduce back pressure and increase power.

These turbos are upgraded on an exchange bases with each turbo being fully inspected before being overhauled and balanced to make sure that the performance and reliability are at OE levels.

Litchfield GTS Style Turbo Upgrade

£2,590.00 exc VAT

£3,108.00 inc VAT