Porsche 992 Turbo / Turbo S Upgrades

The Porsche 911 is a performance icon and in the latest 992 variant offers both incredible levels of performance and refinement. The Turbo and Turbo S models are the ultimate performance benchmark and feature the new 3.7 twin turbo engine.

The 3.7 engine is from the same family of engines fitted to the later 991.2 and 992 Carrera models and it’s an engine architecture we know well with both our own 991.2 Carrera T and 992 Carrera 4 development cars. In standard form the 3.7 engine produces 650PS (641bhp) and 800Nm (590lbft) but the untapped potential is huge.

Since its launch we have tuned a large number of 992 Turbo models with great success however 2022 also saw the introduction of tuning options for the gearbox TCU which has allowed us to release more power and torque. We took the decision to invest in our own Turbo S to refine our calibrations so that it works perfectly in combination with our gearbox TCU tuning and this further enhances the launch control, shift maps and torque control.

By spending time with this amazing car on a daily bases as well as countless hours of R&D on our Maha dyno we have transformed the performance and have produced a calibration that not only improves power delivery and response but also improves the overall driving experience.

We offer a range of upgrades to suit each 992 Turbo owner’s power goals and budgets from our popular Stage 1 ECU tuning to our latest LM820 conversion.

LM820 Conversion

Our LM820 package is the same specification as our Red 992 Turbo S development car that has received excellent reviews and is a complete engineered solution that produces an astonishing 820bhp (831PS) and 700lbft (950Nm) on Shell Vpower. Whilst the peak numbers are impressive we have spent time making the power delivery smooth and predictable with a flat torque curve and a linear increase in power throughout the rev range. Driveability is improved and the Turbo S is just as docile and easy to drive around town when not requesting full power. Put the car into normal mode, with the exhaust valve closed, and our Titanium system is barely louder than standard.

This package represents a more engaging, emissions compliant road conversion designed for pump fuel thanks to our custom made parts and detailed calibration work. The benchmark for modern supercars now has the fire power to rival almost any hypercar!

The LM820 package includes:

  • Litchfield Inconel exhaust manifold headers
  • Litchfield 143mm Sport series EC Approved catalytic convertors
  • Litchfield Titanium valved exhaust system / Akrapovic titanium valved exhaust system
  • Litchfield Performance Air filters
  • Litchfield custom ECU & TCU calibration

* More information on the individual components can be found below.

LM820 Conversion

£9,680.00 exc VAT

£11,616.00 inc VAT

LM820 with Akrapovic Exhaust and Tail Trims

£11,286.00 exc VAT

£13,543.20 inc VAT


£638.00 exc VAT

£765.60 inc VAT

Litchfield 992 Turbo & Turbo S ECU Custom Tuning

We offer a fully re-calibrated engine management system, providing significant increases to both power and torque throughout the rev range. This customised ECU mapping releases considerably more power than standard or ‘off the shelf tunes’ and allows us to create a really smooth, driveable car. The process is straight forward and requires us to plug our connector onto the 992’s ECU (no removing or opening is required) to allow fast programming of revisions or reverting back to standard. This engine calibration works in combination with our Gearbox software revisions that further improve launch control, shift points and torque management.

We invested in our 992 Turbo S and have spent weeks refining the calibration on both the road and our German Maha Dyno (the manufacturer used by Porsche).

The resulting power gains for even our Stage 1 upgrade are huge, with an extra 157 bhp and over 87 lbft (117 Nm) of torque over the standard Turbo model and 89 bhp and over 50 lbft (67 Nm) of torque over the Turbo S model. However the peak numbers don’t tell the full story with increased power available throughout the rev range and our calibrations insures it is just as smooth and civilised to drive as the standard car.

Below are the power increased provided when using Shell V power:

Model Power Torque
992 Turbo Standard 573 bhp (581 PS) 750 Nm (553 lbft)
Litchfield Stage 1 992 Turbo 730 bhp (740 PS) 847 Nm (640 lbft)
992 Turbo S Standard 641 bhp (650 PS) 800 Nm (590 lbft)
Litchfield Stage 1 992 Turbo S 730 bhp (740 PS) 867 Nm (640 lbft)
Litchfield Stage 2 992 Turbo/ Turbo S with CAT back exhaust 775 bhp (785 PS) 894 Nm (660 lbft)

LM ECU & TCU Calibration:

£995.00 exc VAT

£1,194.00 inc VAT

Litchfield Titanium Exhaust System

We have developed our own valved titanium exhaust system which not only liberates power but also reduces weight and are expertly crafted here in the UK. Our Titanium exhaust system offers a weight saving of 10kg over the original Porsche system which aids both performance and handling particular as it removes mass from behind the rear axle. Power increases by around 25bhp on its own but when coupled with our engine and gearbox software the engine will produce a phenomenal 775bhp and 660lbft. Our system uses high quality Titanium sheeting that is rolled into large 76mm diameter tubing to further improve flow and reduced back pressure when compared to the smaller 70mm systems currently on the market.

The latest round of emission and noise legislation that manufacturers have to conform to with new cars means that in standard trim the 992 Turbo S is somewhat disappointing in its exhaust note. Freed of these shackles we are able to create a system with a much richer and deeper tone. This is achieved through multiple versions and careful positioning and sizing of balance pipes. Our exhaust system now gives the 992 Turbo engine the sound quality it was missing with a more aggressive tone that isn’t too loud but certainly matches the power the car has.

Designed to be interchangeable with the OEM system our exhaust system reuses the original tail trims and does not require ECU mapping for those customer looking for more noise and a slight performance increase.

For the ultimate in performance and noise the Litchfield exhaust can be combined with our Sports CATs and manifold.

Litchfield Titanium Exhaust System

£2,995.00 exc VAT

£3,594.00 inc VAT

Litchfield Sports Catalytic Convertors

To further improve exhaust flow and reduce back pressure we have produced our own Sports Catalytic Convertors that significantly reduce the back pressure on the engine to improve performance and response from the turbos. Our Sports CATs use the largest 143mm high performance Germany substrate and are manufactured and coated in Germany to meet the latest EC emission standards. These new Sports CATs are incorporated into our redesigned cone housings to offer improved flow into and out of the substrate to further increase their efficiency. The Litchfield Sport CAT’s are designed to be interchangeable with the OEM components and can be fitted to any aftermarket Porsche 992 turbo S Exhaust compatible silencer and are fabricated in the UK for a perfect fitment.

De-cat Race Pipes

Installing the Sport CAT’s in an OPF/GPF equipped Turbos S will require the ECU to be reprogrammed.

For Motorsport only use we also have our full DE-CAT race pipes which feature no catalytic convertor. Back to back tests showed these only free up 4-6bhp over our Sports CATs but do increase the noise and encourage a crisp blue flame on overrun.

LM EC Approved Sports CAT

£2,495.00 exc VAT

£2,994.00 inc VAT

LM De-CAT Race Pipes (Motorsport only)

£1,795.00 exc VAT

£2,154.00 inc VAT

Litchfield Inconel Turbo Manifolds

The 992 Turbo S exhaust manifolds are a significant improvement over the design of the earlier manifold but still offer plenty of room for improvement. The original 992 manifolds are a simple collector design the feed all three exhaust ports into a relatively narrow cast log design manifold that leads to the turbo inlet.

We have designed and manufactured our own tubular headers that use CAD design to optimise the shape of our 3-into-1 manifold. The new design smoothly merges each port into the free flowing collector just prior to the turbo entry. This helps reduce the exhaust pulse interference and improves the way the turbo responds to partial throttle. The engine pulls more urgently higher up the rev range and the exhaust note has a cleaner and crisper note to it.

Our manifold are made here in the UK from the finest Inconel material that offer both excellent thermal stability and reduced weight (-8kg) when compared to the cast iron originals.

The Litchfield manifold combined with a free flowing exhaust like our own Titanium system or Akrapovic plus our recalibrated ECU will see the 992 Turbo S engine produce over 800 bhp+ comfortably.

LM Inconel Turbo Manifolds

£2,995.00 exc VAT

£3,594.00 inc VAT