Porsche Macan 2L/S/GTS/Turbo

We have worked with Cobb Tuning for many years as they have been our main supplier of Porsche and BMW calibration tools. The Cobb Accessport V3 and ProTuner software is extremely powerful and forms the basis for much of our Porsche tuning. The simple handheld device interface allows the customer to easily swap between maps, datalog and code read.

The Accessport is the world's best selling, most flexible ECU upgrade solution for Porsche. The conservative factory tuning allows for large power increases across the Macan range with just a remap. Litchfield are able to custom tune the Porsche Macan using the Cobb software, should you wish to modify your car outside of the Cobb off-the-shelf calibrations.

Cobb Accessport V3

The Cobb Accessport V3 provides quick and easy access to the ECU as well as reflashing of the ECU back to standard, should the car require an update from the Porsche Dealer. It also provides remote assistance and updates from Litchfield’s technical team.

Peak power increases are large on all models:
2.0litre 21% increase in BHP and 28% increase in lbft
3.0litre 13% increase in BHP and 23% increase in lbft
Turbo 18% incrase in BHP and 37% increase in lbft

Accessport V3 features:

  • Larger, full color, higher resolution screen over V2
  • Customizable multi-gauge display
  • Provide 0-60 times
  • Provide 1/4 mile times
  • Custom RPM ranges for perfect gear changes.
  • In vehicle mount, with on/off switch
  • Faster and easier to use with a familiar face
  • Interchangeable faceplates
Macan Tuning

Cobb Accessport for Macan 2L/S/GTS/Turbo

£1,196.00 exc VAT

£1,435.20 inc VAT

COBB Tuning - Accessport V3 Install Uninstall Tutorial

COBB Tuning - Accessport V3 Gauges Tutorial