991.2 GT3 Touring Conversion

The Porsche GT3 is arguably one of the greatest performance cars you can drive with race bred looks, chassis and engine that together provide the ultimate in driver engagement.

To cater for owners that want the GT3 performance, but with a more subtle appearance Porsche produced the Touring variant. This removed the large fixed rear spoiler and replaced it with the retractable spoiler similar to the normal 911 Carrera models. However in the UK they only sold around 50 of these models so they carry a real premium and the low numbers make finding your preferred specification difficult.

We, however, have a solution. We can convert the normal GT3 into a Touring model.

The conversion uses over 40+ brand new Porsche parts to complete and this includes new bumper, wing, motors, badges and every original nut and bolt to make it a factory finish. We produce our own wiring harness that provides a plug and play connection to the original factory loom of the winged car and the Porsche software is recoded to enable the correct factory operation of the active wing. We even install a new Porsche switch panel for the centre console so you have the OEM wing override button. Everything works like factory.

The body parts arrive unpainted so our in-house body shop will handle the preparation and painting of the new parts for a flawless finish.

A huge amount of time and experience was needed to understand what parts were required to make the conversion work correctly and what software changes were required. The conversion is designed to be ‘Plug & Play’ and therefore completely reversible. We can help you with packaging up your original parts should you want to revert the car back to standard in the future and our van service is available if you would like them delivered back to your home.

The price for the complete conversion includes all the parts, labour, software coding and painting required*. The mechanical conversion and painting takes around 1-2 week to complete. Transport to the local station, loan cars or collection in our covered trailer are all available depending on your needs.


*The price includes painting these in a solid colour like Yellow, Black, Miami blue for example. If you require a metallic colour this will add an additional price to the material cost and will depend on the colour.

**price correct at time of website update but each order will require checking for Porsche dealer price increases. Website will be adjusted accordingly

£14,875.00 exc VAT

£17,850.00 inc VAT