Porsche 992 Carrera,
Carrera S & Carrera 4S

The Porsche 911 is a performance icon and in the latest 992 variant offers both incredible levels of performance and refinement. With the introduction of the tough European emissions regulations and the quest to remain at the forefront of performance the Porsche 3.0 twin turbo engine is exceptionally efficient and offers great opportunity to improve performance.

We have had our own 3.0T development vehicle in the form of our Carrera T and have tuned a large number of Carrera S and Carrera GTS models which feature the larger turbos. The GTS engine has been carried over to the new 992 Carrera and Carrera S so with its larger turbos they have a huge amount of headroom for more power.

"The fact such relatively minor modifications unleash so much more performance and character in the engine is nothing less than a revelation."

Car Magazine - 25/09/18 - Litchfield Carrera T

"If you have a Carrera T and want more power and sharper handling, send it to Litchfield. If you want one of the most rewarding and engaging sub-£100,000 sports cars on sale today, buy a Carrera T and send it to Litchfield. It’s that good."

Autocar - 05/10/18 - Litchfield Carrera T

Litchfield Custom Tuning

We offer a fully re-calibrated engine management system, providing significant increases to both power and torque throughout the rev range. This customised ECU mapping releases considerably more power than standard or ‘off the shelf tunes’ and allows us to create a really smooth, driveable car. The process is straight forward and requires us to plug our connector onto the 992’s ECU (no removing or opening is required) to allow fast programming of revisions or reverting back to standard.

We have invested in our own 3.0T powered 991.2 and have spent weeks with the new 992 Carrera on our Maha Dyno (the same used by Porsche) and on the road as we fine-tuned our calibration. The power gains are huge, with an extra 195 bhp and over 147 lbft (200 Nm) of torque on the standard Carrera model! Despite these Turbo S rivalling power increases our calibrations insures it is just as smooth and civilised to drive as the standard car. We feel we have developed the ultimate software upgrade for the 992 3.0T engine.

Our software upgrade for 992 Carrera models provide the following increases when using Shell Vpower:

Model Power Torque
992 Carrera Standard 380 bhp (385 PS) 332 lbft (450 Nm)
Carrera Litchfield Remap 572 bhp (580 PS) 480 lbft (650 Nm)
Carrera S Standard 444 bhp (450 PS) 390 lbft (530 Nm)
Carrera S Litchfield Remap 572 bhp (580 PS) 480 lbft (650 Nm)

Litchfield Custom Tuning

£995.00 ex VAT

£1194.00 inc VAT

992 Exhaust Options

The hardware changes can be installed to improve performance on their own but when combined with our ECU recalibration the increases are even greater. We will be developing a number of hardware upgrades to further enhance the 992 3.0T performance.

We offer a number of exhaust options to suit each customer’s requirements. The standard Porsche 3.0T exhaust can be freed up in both restriction and noise with rear silencer options from both Remus and Akrapovic coming soon.

These options will provide tangible improvements in both engine performance, weight saving and exhaust note character. Both the Remus and Akrapovic rear silencers can be installed easily and require no changes to the standard ECU calibration.

More information to follow soon.