Powerflex – Lower Engine Mount Large Bush – Road Series

Audi S1 Hatchback (8X; 2015-), Sportback (8X; 2015-) 2.0 TFSI Quattro

Qty per car


PFF85-620 is suitable for petrol engined road models. For track/tuned models use PFF85-620P. For diesel engine models use PFF85-620R. Fitting engine mount bush to 1.4 TDI 3 cylinders is not advisable. Please note these are an upgrade, some additional vibration may be felt.

Prices shown are per bush
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Code: PFF85-620

£29.95 exc VAT
£35.94 inc VAT

OEM Part Number: 6Q0199851 - 6Q0199851AP

OEM Part Number: 8Z0199851H