Powerflex – Front Radius Arm To Chassis Bush – Road Series

BMW 3 Series F30/F31/F34 335i, 340i, 335d

Qty per car


This is a replacement part that in our Road Series application is 60% stiffer than the original rubber bush to withstand increased loading seen by this position on the car. For a caster offset version please use PFF5-1901G.

Prices shown are per bush
Bush Price x Qty Per Car = Pack Price

Shipping: 1-3 days

Some deliveries may be effected by the disruption of Covid-19. We will notify you if your delivery time is effected.

Code: PFF5-1901

£38.45 exc VAT
£46.14 inc VAT

OEM Part Number: 31126855743

OEM Part Number: 31126855741 / 31126855742