CSF Race – F8X m3/m4 – Top Mount Charge-Air-Cooler in Raw finish

BMW M2 Competition (F87; 2018-) 3.0 Twin-turbo

CSF Race F8X m3/m4 – Top Mount Charge-Air-Cooler in Raw finish

World’s 1st cast endtank designed top mountcharge-air-cooler for the BMW S55 engine in the BMW F8x m3/m4 (F80 m3, F82/F83m4)

Multiple air dividers cast into both the hot/cold sideendtanks for optimized air flow through the custom designed CSF liquid-to-airintercooler core (CFD analysis and testing completed to ensure optimalperformance)

**60% increase in core size compared to the OEM cooler.

Left/right, cross-flow, dual-pass core configuration with2-stage water cooling for maximum efficiency and intake temperature reduction(vs. OEM single-pass vertical-flow design)

Designed with 3D scanning / rapid prototype technology toensure precise fitment and maximum surface area utilization.

“Drop-in fit” design for an easy & quick plug-and-playinstallation. Complete with OEM style “Quick-Connect” water connections andsensor ports.

Finished with a Raw Aluminium finish (CSF #8082R). Also available in a professional “Crinkle Black” powder coat finish (CSF #8082).

Custom colour options may be available on this product. Please contact the office to confirm.

Shipping: 1-3 days

Some deliveries may be effected by the disruption of Covid-19. We will notify you if your delivery time is effected.


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