KW – Height adjustable spring kit (coilover springs)

Mercedes CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake (X218; 2010-2018) 6.2 V8

  • The delivery content only includes springs with height adjustment for the front axle. The lowering at the rear axle is adjusted via the standard air suspension.



Axle Load

– 1195kg/- 1365kg

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Code: 25325044


KW Coilover Spring Kits

The KW Coilover spring kit is used for lowering the vehicle in combination with the serial dampers, even when electronic damper control is installed. This lowering solution from KW optimises the dynamic performance and the steering behaviour without the electronic damper control deactivated. For this solution vehicle specific adjustable spring seats with adjusted KW lowering springs and the matching elastomer as well as the dust cover system will be used. This complete conversion allows an individual adjustable lowering solution. – Individual height adjustability of the serial suspension kit – Serial suspension system – also with electronic damper control – stays active – Improved optic and vehicle dynamics – Optimal performance – Better steering behaviour

  • height adjustability only for front axle (springs + height adjustment), rear axle lowering with standard air suspension

Part number:25325044
Lowering FA/RA:15-30mm/0-20mm
Axle Load FA/RA:- 1195kg/- 1365kg
Adjustment FA/RA:Thread / OEM air suspension
Approval:Part certificate (§19.3)
Content of delivery:Set (FA+RA)
Vehicle type:MERCEDES-BENZ CLS Shooting Brake X218 10 2012- X218 CLS 63 AMG 218.974 Petrol 386KW 5461ccm