Nissan OE Tyre Pressure Sensor TPMS (2014 on)

Nissan GT-R

The Nissan TPMS system relies on a sensor attached the back of the tyre valve on each wheel. They can randomly fail, ansd are easily damaged by a tyre fitter when changing tyres. Each car uses a different frequency to communicate between the sensors and the ECU, so it’s not as easy as swapping a sensor from another car; it must be coded to your car.

We offer both replacements sensors for all years of the GTR, and a programming/reprogramming service for the sensor, which must be performed at our workshop.

Shipping: 1-3 days

Some deliveries may be effected by the disruption of Covid-19. We will notify you if your delivery time is effected.

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£55.31 exc VAT
£66.37 inc VAT
This upgrade can only be fitted at Litchfield Motors as the car needs to be here to be programmed
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