Litchfield Breather Tank and Header Tank Custom Assembly

Nissan GT-R

After trying out a variety of solutions, mounting different breather catch tanks in different location, we decided to create a solution that used as little space as possible in the GT-R engine bay. Locally made for us in the UK, our combined tank allows for the same volume of coolant as the Forge item, but with the addition of a breather catch tank on the rear.

The engine breather kit separates the engine oil breathers from the engines intake system. This helps reduce the amount of oil that can cover the inside of the intake tract reducing the performance of the intercooler and causing the engine to ingest unnecessary oil. The baffled Catch Can separates the oil from the moisture and allows the pressure to be released underneath the car and the oil droplets to be caught in the bottom of the tank. The tank can be drained simply as part of the cars maintenance. A must for higher performance GT-R engines.

The combined tank is sold as part of the Litchfield breather system upgrade which includes all the lines and unions needed to make it fit correctly on the GT-R

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£824.60 exc VAT
£989.52 inc VAT
This upgrade can only be fitted at Litchfield Motors.
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