Litchfield GT-R Rear Differential Cooler

Nissan GT-R

The Litchfield rear differential cooler, like our gearbox oil cooler, is a very compact installation being located at the rear of the car just behind the offside rear wheel. The differential runs as hot if not hotter than the gearbox on the GT-R, as it holds a relatively low amount of oil so gets hot quickly, and it is permanently being worked unlike the front differential. Due to the fact its temperature isn’t monitored by the in-car screen, it often gets overlooked. As the differential and gearbox share the same aluminium housing, the temperature of one directly effects the other. We would recommend that this cooler is fitted alongside our gearbox cooler, but they can be fitted separately as any additional cooling is better than nothing at all. The kit features a dashboard mounted arm/disarm switch, a specially manufactured high density air/oil core and all parts necessary for installation.

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