Albins Drop Gears

Nissan GT-R 3.8 Twin-turbo V6

Albins Rear Transfer Gears (Drop Gears) suitable for the GR6 / R35 GT-R Transmission

The Albins Rear Transfer Gears are designed to increase strength whilst maintaining an extremely quiet operation. They are profile ground for tooth profile perfection and feature increased tooth width and contact area in comparison to standard gears.

The use of robotic CMM scanned tooth profile in development ensures perfect gear mesh and zero gear noise. The tooth profile is custom CAD engineered and the product is manufactured as a direct fitment replacement for standard drop gears.

Albins drop gears are manufactured to ISO 9001 / 2008 quality standards, made of billet high-alloy proprietary grade steel, and utilize CAD engineered custom tooth profiles. Gears are Shot Peened, Micro-Polished, and ISF treated, which has been proven to reduce gear friction, reduce noise and vibration, which in turn improves gear life up to 300% Gears are profile ground for better tooth contact, less wear, and far less gear noise compared to other aftermarket gear sets.

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