Litchfield GT-R Stage 4.5 – 800 bhp capable – IHI Standard Manifold Turbo Kit

Nissan GT-R

Our most popular turbo kit is our IHI Stage 4.5 turbos which give great response and are capable of flowing 800 bhp with the right supporting modifications. Ideal for customers looking to produce around 700bhp-800bhp these turbos are based on the same IHI cores found in the Nismo/GT3 models but feature our own Billet compressor wheel that both flows more air and with its lighter construction allows it to spool up quickly.

These upgraded turbos use modified versions of the original turbine housings, compressor covers and integrated manifolds to provide a straight forward bolt-on solution. Upgraded wastegate actuators insure correct boost levels can be maintained.

As the turbos are from the same IHI family as the originals they do not require any changes to the original oil and water lines which makes installation even easier.

Stage 4.5 IHI turbo features:

  • Custom billet aluminium compressor wheel for fast response
  • Larger Nismo/GT3 style turbine wheel
  • Journal bearing core
  • CNC Machined Compressor cover
  • CNC Machined Turbine housing

These turbos are available on a core exchange basis. You will need to send in your original turbos for inspection of cracks to the manifold before we can send out these new turbos.

Shipping: 1-3 days after inspection

Some deliveries may be effected by the disruption of Covid-19. We will notify you if your delivery time is effected.


£2,795.00 exc VAT
£3,354.00 inc VAT
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