Litchfield GT-R Stage 5 – 950 bhp capable – Borg Warner 6758 EFR Standard Manifold Turbo Kit

Nissan GT-R

These 6758 EFR turbos have been our centre piece of our Stage 5 conversion. We were the first company to install these turbos into the GT-R turbine housings and the results were incredible. The advanced light weight design gives quicker than stock turbo spool and fantastic throttle response with the increased size allow the turbos to flow up to 950 bhp on pump fuel with the correct supporting mods.

These upgraded turbos use heavily modified versions of the original turbine housings, compressor covers and integrated manifolds to provide a straightforward bolt-on solution. Upgraded wastegate actuators ensure correct boost levels can be maintained.

The kit includes replacement oil and water lines with heat shielding. It also includes pre-turbo oil filters to help guard again turbo damage from oil contamination.

Stage 5 Borg Warner 6758 EFR turbo features:

  • 67mm billet aluminium compressor aerodynamics for maximum hp
  • 54mm gamma Ti turbine wheel for instance response
  • Dual roller bearing core
  • CNC Machined Compressor cover
  • CNC Machined Turbine housing
  • New Oil & Water lines

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£5,394.00 inc VAT

Shipping: 1-3 days after inspection

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