Litchfield GT-R Handling Kit

Nissan GT-R

The Litchfield Handling kit will benefit Nissan GT-R’s of all years, on both road and track. Installation of the kit combined with our carefully chosen geometry settings will transform the chassis performance and enjoyment of your GT-R.

Improved grip, greater steering feel, more positive turn-in and reduced tyre wear are just some of the benefits the Litchfield Handling Kit will provide.

We have already had great success improving the R35 GT-R chassis performance with our range of CNC suspension arms. Their adjustability allowed us to settle on an improved geometry setup that then provides the dynamics needed. The new Handling Kit combines this geometry without the associated high cost of the motorsport-derived parts.

The new Handling kit changes the position of the upper suspension arm bushes, lower suspension arm bushes and replacement CNC mounts.

The replacement CNC mounts also introduce an ‘Anti-Lift’ effect to help maintain a more consistent control under acceleration and load. The new rear mount and bush also address the increasingly common problem of cracked front arm assemblies, ultimately requiring an expensive replacement – over £690 + vat each side.

The Handling Kit allows for a greater tyre contact area which, in turn, provides greater feedback information back to the driver, improves traction and offers greater stability. The increased caster angle produces more weight and detail to the steering which is vital to driver confidence. Your R35 GT-R will enter a corner with more urgency, significantly improved front grip and reduced understeer.

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