Litchfield Turbo Manifold

Porsche 911 (991.2; 2016-) All Carrera Models

The original 3.0T turbo manifolds use a restrictive pressed log design that combines the three cylinders on each bank before exiting into one small pipe before the turbos. Internally these manifolds have large supports to strengthen the oval shape but these would cause a significant flow restriction, coupled to the a small outlet.

We have designed and manufactured our own tubular headers that uses CAD design to optimise the shape of our 3-into-1 manifold. The new design smoothly merges each port into the free-flowing collector just prior to the turbo entry. This helps reduce the exhaust pulse interference and drastically changes the way the turbo responds. The turbos spool much faster, providing almost immediate throttle response even from very low in the rev range. The engine pulls more urgently higher up the rev range and the exhaust note has a cleaner and crisper note to it.

The Litchfield manifold combined with a free flowing exhaust from Remus or Akrapovic plus our recalibrated ECU will see the Carrera engine produce over 480 bhp and with the larger turbos found on the Carrera S and GTS models there is significantly more to gain.

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