Litchfield Titanium Exhaust

Porsche 991 (991; 2011-2016) Turbo, Turbo S

The Litchfield 991 Turbo/S exhaust system was extensively tested on our dyno and on the road to provide significant improvements in both performance and noise. This unique system is handmade in the UK by the same expert fabricator responsible for some of the very best F1 exhausts of this current era. We have specified the finest grade Titanium with beautifully crafted mandrel bends and tail trims to complete the exquisite look. High flow Catalytic converters from Germany use the latest emissions friendly coatings which also ensure compatibility with the engine management system whilst reducing exhaust back pressure.

Thanks to it’s titanium construction, our new exhaust has reduced the weight by approximately 16kg and liberates an extra 45 bhp and 36 lbft over the standard system, taking the car to nearly 600 bhp without the need for ECU programming.

The throttle response and turbo spool are greatly improved due to the impressive reduction in back pressure. The exhaust note is transformed with a more aggressive bark under full throttle, crackling and popping on the over run for added theatre yet without being intrusive or droning when cruising.

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Code: LM 991 Exhaust

£4,995.00 exc VAT
£5,994.00 inc VAT