Turbosmart – Boost-Tee Boost Controller Black

Nissan GT-R

Smaller and lighter than other Manual Boost Controllers on the market. Set your boost and forget it. Boost adjustable from under the hood with an accurate, proven Detent System. Easy to install and adjust.

The Turbosmart Gated Boost Control Valve range is one of the best dollar for horsepower upgrades that you can make to your turbocharged petrol or diesel engine vehicle.

All Turbosmart Gated Boost Controllers feature our exclusive Gate feature which minimizes wastegate creep and can improve turbo response by up to 800 rpm earlier in the rev range – this means that you can increase the performance and response from your engine without even raising the maximum boost level.

Stable increases in boost over wastegate spring pressure of 200%+ for internal wastegate and 100% for external wastegates are common practice using our manual boost controllers.

Manufactured from high-grade brass and billet aluminium and are renowned for their easy installation, robust design, stability and our detent adjustment system allows for accurate and simple tuning of boost pressure.

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Supplied With:

Turbosmart Boost Tee
Mounting Bracket
Turbosmart Decal

What’s the first rule of boost control?

Ensure you have an over-boost cut-out. This is safety feature built in to basically all factory, aftermarket & programmable ECU’s. Make sure it is set at a sensible & reasonable limit. Increasing the boost will put more load on your engine and there are other tune related factory you must always consider. If in any doubt, speak with a professional tuner / calibrator.

Can I use this on any turbocharged engine?

If your engine is turbocharged and uses a boost-based actuator for control, then yes. This Boost Controller will work on boost-based internal wastegate actuators aswell as external wastegates.

How much boost can I add?

This will come down to the rest of your setup & tune. If in any doubt we recommend you contact a professional tuner or workshop for advise here.

What is Gate Feature?

Gate Feature is a unique Turbosmart feature that ensures our boost controllers can give you the best possible response. By manipulating the pressure signal into your actuator, Turbosmart’s Boost Controllers can provide the most aggressive boost curve.

Can the ‘Gate Feature’ be disabled?

Yes. If you look at the technical drawings available on line, you will see the ‘Gate Ball’ and ‘Gate Spring’ behind the inlet nipple. Removing the nipple and re-assembling the Boost-Tee without the Gate Ball & Spring, will provide you the same type of control you expect from Turbosmart, without the gate feature enabled.

Is the arrow important?

Yes. If you’re having issues with boost control, please take a minute and check your connection method and ensure the hoses are routed correctly – Take note of the arrow on the boost-Tee.

Can I turn my boost down?

Using a correctly installed Turbosmart Boost-Tee, you will be able to adjust boost from around your base mechanical spring pressure (in your wastegate or actuator) up to usually around 2-3 times the base pressure. You cannot use these devices to turn the boost down lower than the base spring pressure however.

Is one click, one PSI?

No. One click either way is relative to your engine and your turbo. The more efficient it is, the less clicks you need to achieve more boost. However as boost rises, efficiency decreases. This means at higher boost levels, you’ll need to work harder (more clicks) for more boost.