Subaru BRZ / Toyota GT86

Litchfield bought one of the first Subaru BRZs in the UK back in 2012. We immediately started work to increase the rather lacklustre performance with long-term partners Ecutek, Milltek and Eibach. This cumulated in the Spec S rotrex supercharger conversion with 280 bhp.

Performance Pack

After extensive road, track and dyno testing we are pleased to release our Performance Pack for the GT86 and BRZ. The Litchfield Performance Pack combines the full, non-resonated, Milltek exhaust system with our latest ECU remap to release 25 bhp over the standard car. If you were to have the quieter resonated system fitted there is an additional charge of £99.48 + vat on top of the performance pack price. The peak power increase is only part of the story though as the engine now has significantly more potency throughout the rev range with the same 25 bhp increase in the mid-range 4,900 rpm and 10 bhp extra from just 3,300 rpm. As with all our Milltek systems care has been taken to give the very best sound so while it sounds superb on full throttle it is impressively quiet when cruising at motorway speeds.

The reprogrammed engine management system makes full use of the improved flow from the Milltek exhaust system and gives the car a much crisper throttle response to go with the incredible exhaust note. Fuel consumption is also improved with the use of an Economy mode which can be instantly switched to using the steering wheel controls.

For the driver that wants every second to count we have also added additional custom maps that allow Full Throttle Shifting and Launch Control. We carry everything in stock to transform your GT86 or BRZ now.

Litchfield Performance Pack


Handling Pack

Offering enhanced body control, allied to an impressively aggressive stance and rake change, the Litchfield Spring kit, once correctly fitted and aligned, will give the car a benign and controllable shift from neutrality to oversteer, whilst simultaneously transforming steering feel and accuracy. The lower stance and superior surface damping not only appeal visually and dynamically, but also offer increased high-speed stability on both road and track.


The new kit has been designed to be fully compatible with all variants of the BRZ, GT86 and FR-S, offering an easy and direct replacement for the factory parts. With a brief to enhance handling performance without trashing ride quality, our design team has managed to deliver a kit which offers a stunning compromise between the two. In fact, thanks to many hours and miles of careful testing and prototyping, our designers have managed to maintain almost factory levels of ride quality under normal driving thanks to clever use of Eibach’s market-leading progressive winding technology. This leaves a softer portion of the spring to ride around on under normal motorway cruising, transferring into a stiffer section as the car shifts its mass under harder cornering.

Although the new spring kit can be fitted in isolation, owners looking for the ultimate handling package will opt for our complete Litchfield Handling Package which features custom front and rear adjustable anti-roll bars. These exclusive parts, by Eibach, benefit from our extensive testing in all manner of road and track conditions including several days at both Spa Francorchamps and the famous Nordschleife. The bar features innovative new geometry developed by our engineers and is fully adjustable with 2 individual settings to allow owners to set the car up to suit prevailing weather or track conditions – or indeed, personal preference.

The thicker rear bar reduces body roll through increased design stiffness over the OEM part. Developed on Eibach’s motorsport production line, they are manufactured from cold-formed, high-strength aircraft-grade steel for precision performance, and finished with the long lasting ‘Litchfield Blue’ powder coat finish to match the springs. The anti-roll bar comes complete with all new bushes to further improve response and precision. The Litchfield Handling Kit has taken months of development, including comprehensive back to back testing of several prototypes as well as comparisons against the leading aftermarket solutions. The result of this hard work is that the kit benefits from a comprehensive 5 year warranty on all components.

The handling kit offers much more accurate ‘telegraphing’ of information between the chassis and the driver, increasing driver confidence, increasing turn-in, ensuring a perfect transition from neutrality to oversteer and creating a more stable high-speed platform, particularly over undulating surfaces.

Litchfield Spring Kit (supplied)


Litchfield Anti-roll bar Kit (supplied)


Litchfield Handling Pack (fitted)


BRZ / GT86 Exhaust Options

We are able to supply a wide variety of Milltek exhausts for the BRZ / GT86, primary catback, secondary cat-back, resonated (quieter) and non-resonated. All are available with a range of different GT-115 trim options including Polished, Burnt Titanium, Ceramic Black and Brushed Titanium.


The BRZ / GT86 systems do not need to have a remap to work although the standard car does respond well, especially in terms of mid range torque. There is a significant weight loss on both secondary and primary exhausts, with the non-resnoated versions losing 4.75 kg and over 8 kg respectively.

Fitting takes 1.5 hours for the secondary cat-back and 3 hours for the primary cat-back.

Prices excluding fitting:

Secondary Cat-back (non-resonated)

Tip Options: Polished, Burnt Titanium, Brushed Titanium, Cerakote Black

From: £674.52 exc VAT

£809.42 inc VAT

Secondary Cat-back (resonated)

Tip Options: Polished, Burnt Titanium, Brushed Titanium, Cerakote Black

From: £791.06 exc VAT

£949.27 inc VAT

Primary Cat-back (non-resonated)

Tip Options: Polished, Burnt Titanium, Brushed Titanium, Cerakote Black

From: £1,078.56 exc VAT

£1,294.27 inc VAT

Primary Cat-back (resonated) - Polished Tips

From: £1,195.10 exc VAT

£1,434.12 inc VAT

Litchfield are also able to supply and fit Remus Sports Label Cat-back exhaust with a Racing Tube centre section. This system is a secondary cat-back (non-resonated) and does not replace the primary overpipe. There is one tailpipe option, 127mm brushed stainless. Fitting will take around 1.5 hours.

Remus Sports Label Cat-back exhaust

From: £685.71 exc VAT

£822.85 inc VAT