Subaru BRZ / Toyota GT86 Spec S

The GT86 / BRZ are great cars in standard form but we believe that they can be significantly better. Having acquired one of the very first cars in the UK, we methodically tested the standard car, highlighted its shortcomings and then started the development work on the improvements. The Spec S programme was born.

Iain Litchfield – “Having our technicians spending a lot of time in our n/a tuned BRZ demonstrator both on the road and track with 200-220bhp helped formulate a clear vision of what we felt the car should be from the outset. It was essential we retained the OE-reliability, docile low speed characteristics and the smooth, linear power delivery. We wanted the car to drive as easily and as engagingly as the standard offering… only with almost 50% more power. It really could be the car the critics have been clamouring for, a car with enough power that it can be controlled on the throttle even in the dry, something that would remove the standard car's tendency to bog down and spoil the potential of the excellent chassis”.

Spec S Performance Pack

After over a year of extensive road, dyno and track testing around Europe, including two trips to the famous Nurburgring circuit, we are delighted to be able to offer the results of our hard work to like-minded enthusiasts. Our carefully engineered solution is based around a bespoke supercharger installation. With 280bhp and 210lbft available under your right foot, the BRZ/GT86 becomes a very different animal without losing any of its ‘daily driver’ appeal. Based on the proven Rotrex centrifugal supercharger power is delivered crisply and cleanly, without ever overpowering the car’s wonderful chassis balance.

The engine calibration has been developed in-house over many months and is completely devoid of flat spots or torque spikes to spoil the driver’s fun. This conversion also uses the latest features we have been working on with our technical partners at Ecutek, including launch control and throttle blipping options.

Evo Track Car of the Year 2013

-XCAR Supercharging a BRZ

The Spec S conversion also features a large, free flowing intercooler that fits perfectly behind the lower grill to keep engine intake air temperatures under control whilst keeping a discreet appearance. The large core is designed to allow plenty of cooling air through the car's original radiator without restriction. The conversion's smooth mandrel bent pipes are finished in a black power coat finish to maintain the standard look of the OE engine.

The Spec S engine conversion has achieved our aims of not just transforming the GT86 / BRZ’s performance but it also enhances the most important aspect of the car’s appeal, driving fun! We are delighted the motoring press agree: “It’s a well-judged package of upgrades and delivers on the promise of a chassis that’s been crying out for more power. We love it.” – Evo Magazine October 2013

The Litchfield Spec S Engine Conversion kit includes: Rotrex Centrifugal Supercharger; Self-contained Supercharger lubrication system with oil cooler; High-flow, low pressure drop intercooler; Mandrel-bent black hard pipe kit; Litchfield cold air induction kit; Mounting brackets and fittings and finally our ECU calibration using the latest Ecutek software.

Spec S Performance Pack