At Litchfield, we understand the busy worlds our clientele work within, the demands on their time and requirements of Supercar ownership. We are therefore proud to offer our dedicated Supercar Transport arm, designed to provide a seamless transportation solutions for your car.  Whether you’re swamped with commitments, requiring extended workshop time, or simply wish to keep your vehicle’s mileage pristine, our transportation service ensures your Supercar is handled with utmost care and professionalism.

Our Premium Fleet

Our 2024 Mercedes Actros Truck has been ordered brand-new from the factory and has then received specialist coachwork so it is equipped to protect and transport two supercars simultaneously, ensuring they remain shielded from external elements and prying eyes.  For European trips or circuit visits we can connect our additional trailer to provide movement of 3 vehicles at a time.

Brian James covered Race Transporter & high-end option trailers allow us to keep pace with evolving transportation needs throughout the week or to locations not accessible with our truck.

Whatever your requirements we have invested in a transport fleet to look after you and your vehicle to the highest standards.

Beyond Borders – Europe & Beyond

Not just restricted to our workshop, our transportation service extends its offerings across Europe. Whether it’s a grand tour, a special event, or a relocation, Litchfield stands ready to ensure your Supercars reach their destination discreetly and in perfect condition.

The Litchfield Promise

With a legacy built on unparalleled service in sourcing, maintaining and upgrading the very best performance cars, our Supercar Transportation arm is a natural extension of the care and professionalism we aim to provide our clients.

Entrust your Supercar’s journey with Litchfield where we will work hard to provide you with an experience that is second to none.

Book your transport today.