When driven hard on track the GR Yaris can quickly over heat its engine oil which ultimately can lead to the oil breaking down and engine damage occurring. On our own GR Yaris we could get this to happen in just 2 laps at Silverstone even in mild weather. Oil temperatures will regularly exceed 130 degrees as the standard heat exchange struggles to cope with sustained power.

Our solution is designed to work with our larger intercooler and utilises a large motorsport core that occupies the width of the upper grill. This position received direct air to maximise cooling.

Track testing saw a significant drop in temperatures with oil temps remaining at the optimal 90-100 degree range. If you are looking to enjoy your GR Yaris on track you will need an effective engine oil cooler.

Oil Cooler mounted to Litchfield GR Yaris Intercooler
Oil Cooler mounted to Litchfield GR Yaris Intercooler
Fitted with Litchfield GR Yaris Intercooler

Litchfield GR Yaris Oil Cooler features:

  • Tube and fin motorsport spec core
  • Large 500 x 100mm core
  • Billet end tanks for maximum flow
  • AN8 lines and fittings
  • Thermostatically controlled oil take off
  • Track tested design

Please Note: only compatible with Litchfield GR Yaris Intercooler.

Litchfield GR Yaris Engine Oil Cooler

£495.00 exc VAT

£594.00 inc VAT