The Toyota GR Yaris is brilliant on the road but on track it over heats and the standard intercooler quickly becoming saturated and unable to maintain safe charge air temperatures. We have experienced this with our own cars and a number of customers have also struggled with their cars overheating on track. Tuning the engine with higher boost levels only compounds the temperature issues.

As a result we have developed our own larger intercooler that delivers a huge reduction in charge air temperature. Providing the engine with cooler, oxygen rich air improve the engine performance and safety. A less restrictive design allows more efficient distribution of air into and out of the intercooler to sharper throttle response and reduce turbos lag.

After extensive testing on our Maha Dyno, road and circuit the Litchfield Intercooler provides customers with the performance improvements and quality they expect on this high performance car.

Our carefully selected core offers the right height, depth and width to optimise the cooling capacity but also not compromise air flow to the radiator behind it.

Our high quality, UK made, ‘Tube and Fin’ aluminium core is much taller and wider to allow a large surface area to maximise the cooling of the charge air into the engine. Its thin depth and custom fin pitch also allow stronger airflow to the radiator behind. The Litchfield core provides a massive 110% increase in surface area for cooling. To help maximise the frontal area exposed to cool air we have created a replacement T45 Tig welded crash bar. This not only allows more air to the intercooler but it critically securely ties the front chassis legs together without relying on the relatively weak aluminium core to brace the body structure.

CNC designed end tanks are machined from a single piece of billet to enable smooth non turbulent flow as the charge transitions into the core. The original intercooler utilises plastic end tanks which abruptly change the air through 90degrees. By ensuring smoother flow through the end tanks and across the surface area of the intercooler it will suffer less air velocity losses in the bends and therefore make the intercooler more efficient and response will be improved.

Dyno testing results showed that during multiple runs the Litchfield intercooler gained only a 3.8°-degree temperature increase across multiple dyno runs. In comparison to the stock intercoolers increases by 14° in just one run!

Litchfield Intercooler and Oil Cooler Package Fitted
Litchfield Intercooler and Oil Cooler Package
Litchfield Intercooler and Oil Cooler
Litchfield Intercooler and Oil Cooler
Litchfield Intercooler and Oil Cooler

The time required to install the Litchfield Intercooler & Brace is approximately 4 Hours

For more technical information about the development of our Intercooler please visit our blog post here.

For GR Yaris models being used hard on track we would also recommend our engine Oil Cooler which reduces the temperature under hard use.

We offer a package price for both the Intercooler and Oil cooler to significant improvement to the GR Yaris’s engine cooling issues and are great upgrade for customers looking to run their cars on track with higher power levels. Visit our GR Yaris Engine Oil Cooler page here:

Litchfield GR Yaris Intercooler & Brace

£1,495.00 exc VAT

£1,794.00 inc VAT

Litchfield GR Yaris Intercooler & Litchfield GR Yaris Engine Oil Cooler Kit

£1,895.00 exc VAT

£2,274.00 inc VAT