Toyota GR Yaris Handling Upgrades

Litchfield / Nitron Suspension Kit

Carefully developed since our GR Yaris arrived in late 2020, our complete coil over kit drastically improves the ride comfort and handling of this exciting car. Where once it would skip over bumps or would become wearing on longer journeys the new kit allows it to remain composed when pressing on all with an added layer of quality.

The suspension is built to our specification by Nitron Racing in Oxfordshire and is based on their NTR R1 coil over design which lets the owner adjust our unique internals through 25 different settings of bump and rebound. Our custom spring design is fully adjustable to allow different ride heights to be set to suit the owners use. It also allows us to corner weight the car to our settings to further improve the handling characteristics.

Litchfield / Nitron Suspension Kit

£1,995.00 exc VAT

£2,394.00 inc VAT

Litchfield / Nitron Suspension Kit

With fitting, alignment and corner weighting.

£2,440.00 exc VAT

£2,928.00 inc VAT