Toyota Supra (A90) Tuning

The new A90 Toyota Supra has been years in the making and when it was announced that it would be produced in collaboration with BMW we know it would be something special.

The engine is an evolution of BMW’s venerable B58 3.0 straight six with a Twinscroll turbo and is one of the most impressive power units we have worked with. As it has shown over the years with our BMW M140i/M240i tuning this engine has huge amount of untapped potential and the latest version in the Supra produces even more power. The claimed figure of 336bhp and 365lbft are dramatically increased with even the simplest of upgrades.

We were delighted to be the first tuner in the UK to receive a production specification car direct from Toyota for a few weeks before the customer cars arrived and this allowed us to get started with both the engine tuning and parts development including scanning in a number of body work elements and engine bay parts.

We have subsequently received our own development vehicle which drove straight from the dealer to our dyno. Our website will be updated in more detail in the coming weeks as these exciting new parts become available.

Litchfield Stage 1 ECU Remap – 440 bhp / 450 lbft

Our Stage 1 upgrade for Toyota Supra 3.0 offers a massive increase in power and torque through its carefully re-calibrated ECU.

This customised ECU mapping has evolved from our detailed understanding of the M140i/M240i B58 engines and ECU. We take great care in ensuring we are able to provide the very best calibration rather than using a generic off the shelf file with hours of dyno time and road tuning going into refining what we are able to offer our customers.

We have adjusted the setup of both the normal and sports modes with a smooth progressive torque curve to optimise driveability and traction. The dashboard Performance Meters are recalibrated to suit the extra power and we are able to enhance the engine burble (pops & bangs) to suit the owner’s needs.

Programming of the ECU can be completed through the On Board Diagnostic (OBD) port so more time can be spent on honing the calibration. It also means we can revert the car back to standard at any time by uploading the original file.


Stage 1

£500.00 exc VAT

£600.00 inc VAT

Litchfield Stage 2 ECU Remap – 475 bhp / 470 lbft

Following on from our Stage 1 ECU development we are pleased to introduce our Stage 2 upgrade for customer looking to use their cars off road. By installing our free flowing down pipe and OPF delete we are able to increase power to smooth and useable level.  Installing DE-CAT pipes is for Motorsport use only as the car will not be emissions compliant for road use. 

Stage 2 includes our 4” Downpipe, OPF centre section delete, labour to install and Stage 2 ECU remap. We can provide further power increase with a full downpipe back exhaust system so contact us to discuss your requirements.


Stage 2

£1,351.00 exc VAT

£1,621.20 inc VAT

Litchfield 4” Supra Downpipe – for OPF equipped vehicles

The Litchfield 4” Turbo downpipe is designed for Off Road/Circuit use and replaces the restrictive standard downpipe which features a dense Catylytic Convertor. Installing DE-CAT pipes is for Motorsport use only as the car will not be emissions compliant for road use. Our UK made downpipes features the smoothest conical shape for maximum flow whilst allow it to directly fit to the standard exhaust. Construction is from durable 304 Stainless steel with full Tig welding for a smooth finish. The CNC flange design insures a perfect fit to the OE turbo and the Tig welded support brace keeps the downpipe perfectly aligned. The high flow flexi joint allows for movement of the original exhaust and expansion of the downpipe when hot.

Litchfield 4” Supra Downpipe – for OPF equipped vehicles

£495.00 exc VAT

£594.00 inc VAT

Remus are one of the most famous names in European exhaust manufacturing and are OE suppliers to limited production cars including Mercedes and BMW. Their systems are characterised by a deep menacing tone with large bore design to back pressure and help lift performance.

Remus Axle-back-system for TOYOTA GR Supra

Consists of a centred L/R sport exhaust system with one integrated valve and one of two tail pipe sets.


  • High grade material
  • Performance and torque increase
  • Sporty, sonorous sound
  • Weight-optimized
  • (EC-) approval

Toyota Supra Remus Exhaust 1
Toyota Supra Remus Exhaust 2
Toyota Supra Remus Exhaust 3
Toyota Supra Remus Exhaust 4
Toyota Supra Remus Exhaust 5

Remus Axle-back Exhaust

From: £1,815.18 exc VAT

£2,178.22 inc VAT

Remus Racing Axle-back Exhaust

From: £1,666.96 exc VAT

£2,000.35 inc VAT

Akrapovic Slip-On Line (Titanium)


+3 bhp @ 2400 rpm




+5.5 lb ft @ 2400 rpm

This ECE type-approved system is constructed entirely from high-grade titanium and features an exhaust valve with a housing cast in the in-house foundry. The single muffler arrangement has a unique set of titanium tailpipes, utilising a design not previously seen on an aftermarket exhaust. Fully adapted to the lines of the car, the outer side of the tailpipe has been coated for increased durability, while the inner surface has a bluish-purple natural titanium colour achieved by annealing, plus a stylish and sporty imprint design to give the system a very special and exclusive finish. Through the use of lightweight materials, the system will reduce overall vehicle weight, optimising power and torque through the entire rev range. Different sound modes offer a pleasant experience in comfort mode – without any intrusive drone – and, when the driving gets more dynamic and enthusiastic, the exhaust produces a vibrant and deep roar from the six-cylinder engine, which the Supra is well known for, and adds an exciting and exhilarating sensation as the revs rise.

An optional Akrapovič Sound Kit is available to control the various sound settings, and optional tuning opportunities exist through the addition of the stainless-steel Evolution Link Pipe set. As with the Sound Kit, fitting the Link Pipe will negate the ECE type approval.

ECE type approval is only valid for cars equipped with otto/gasoline particulate filter.

For installing the slip-on system, the stock exhaust system has to be cut. Please read the instructions carefully before the start of the installation.

Toyota Supra Akrapovic Slip-on line
Toyota Supra Akrapovic Slip-on line 2
Toyota Supra Akrapovic Slip-on line 3
 Toyota Supra Akrapovic Slip-on line 4
Toyota Supra Akrapovic Slip-on line 5

Akrapovic Slip-on Line Exhaust (Titanium)

£2,940.54 exc VAT

£3,528.65 inc VAT

Akrapovic Downpipe with Cat (SS)

The high-flow downpipe is constructed using high-quality stainless steel and, once fitted to the Evolution Line exhaust, it creates a complete system from the manifold to the tailpipes that will further enhance the performance figures: both the torque and power outputs. It incorporates a sporty catalytic converter. This optional downpipe produces an enhanced sound that delivers a pure racing emotion and fantastic feedback at high revs, without unwanted drone, making it suitable for everyday use.

When installing the Akrapovič downpipe, remapping the ECU is mandatory in order to prevent potential “check engine light” warning signals.

The downpipe is an optional product to the following evolution systems:

Toyota Supra (A90) without OPF: Slip-On Line (Titanium) + Evolution Link pipe (SS) - S-TY/T/1H + E-TY/SS/1

Toyota Supra Akrapovic Downpipe 1

Akrapovic Downpipe with Cat (SS)

£1,984.50 exc VAT

£2,381.40 inc VAT

Akrapovic Evolution Link Pipe Set (SS)

The Evolution link pipe set upgrades the Slip-On system to the Evolution system. The Evolution link pipe set is constructed from high-quality austenitic stainless steel. It features an arrangement of two central link pipes for the best flow of the exhaust gases from the engine. It is designed to increase power and torque and reduce overall weight, while delivering a deep and sporty sound with no unwanted drone or streaming.


This evolution link pipe set does not fit on vehicles equipped with Otto particulate filter (OPF).

Toyota Supra Akrapovic Evolution Line Pipe Set

Akrapovic Evolution Link Pipe Set (SS)

£1,051.25 exc VAT

£1,261.50 inc VAT