TVS ECU & DSG Tuning

TVS Engineering are the world leaders in VAG ECU calibrations and specialise in providing advanced gearbox tuning. Working closely with TVS we are able to provide the finest engine ECU and DSG gearbox tuning that insures the focus is on driveability and performance without sacrificing reliability. Whether upgrading a heavily modified car or a standard car looking to improve smoothness and power delivery our TVS tuning will be able to transform your VAG model.

TVS offers the best and widest ranging DSG Software products. It is not only the strongest and most powerful software on the market but also produces the best possible drivability and is also fully customisable too.

TVS DSG software is not just suitable for tuned or heavily tuned vehicles. Even stock vehicles can be greatly improved after upgrading with TVS Drivability software. A common factory issue such as unresponsive shifting strategies, harsh downshifting, non-smooth take-off etc. These issues all result in excessive wear in the flywheel, clutch and gearbox.

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