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Our McLaren servicing builds upon the excellent reputation we have gained for our supercar servicing over the last decade. As Mclaren owners ourselves we also share your passion for innovation and craftsmanship. McLaren build some of the finest performance cars on the market and like any piece of precision engineering they require regular servicing by experienced and skilled technicians that have all the latest equipment needed to keep them performing at their optimum.

Our investment in the required tools, diagnostic equipment and facilities means we are able to look after your McLaren to the highest standards whilst maintaining the factory warranty and service routine. Whether you have a Mclaren for weekend runs, a higher mileage daily driver or a trackday toy we have the knowledge and enthusiasm to help your maintain its value and performance.

All our performance car servicing includes:

Litchfield Service Stamp

When it comes to servicing, collecting, and eventually selling cars, history and provenance are paramount. Demonstrating who has maintained your car, the level of experienced care it has received significantly affects its future appeal and resale value. The Litchfield Service stamp and digital records represents the high standards of care that your McLaren has received in our hands.

Free MOT Included

Our aim is to make your Mclaren ownership as simple and convenient as possible. Our workshops include our own MOT centre that allows for a careful and efficient solution to the annual Test. To help we offer a FREE MOT with every Mclaren Service booking to simplify your maintenance routine so you can spend more of your time enjoying your car.

Litchfield Price Promise

We believe that value should not compromise quality. Our success has been built on long-term relationships and repeat business, thanks to our first-class service and competitive pricing. Our Price Promise guarantees that we will match any comparable service quote, demonstrating our commitment to providing outstanding, cost-effective solutions for your McLaren.

Unrivalled Facilities & Expertise

Our workshop boasts a variety of 23 Maha ramps, the latest dealer level diagnostics, Mclaren hydraulic suspension bleeding machine, Mclaren special tools, electric lift with Mclaren engine & transmission mounts, 2x Hunter Elite alignment machines, automated tyre changing and Hunter Road Force wheel balancing machines, multiple air conditioning machines, Maha 4WD rolling road, Superflow engine dyno, engine build clean room, machine shop, Dual clutch gearbox build area, fabrication facilities, MOT centre, body and paint shop, a dedicated Ice Blasting and undersealing workshop, separate detailing and PPF area. Everything needed to correctly look after your Mclaren to the highest of standards and all under one roof.

Customers are welcome to wait with us while we complete servicing work and can enjoy Sky TV, free WiFi and refreshments. Alternatively you can borrow one of our courtesy cars and pop into Tewkesbury/Cheltenham for shopping or explore some of the picturesque towns in the Cotswolds.

Vehicle Transportation Service

We understand the busy worlds our clientele work within, the demands on their time and requirements of Supercar ownership. We are therefore proud to offer our dedicated Supercar Transport arm, designed to provide a seamless transportation solutions for your car. Whether you’re swamped with commitments, requiring extended workshop time, or simply wish to keep your vehicle’s mileage pristine, our transportation service ensures your Supercar is handled with utmost care and professionalism.

Servicing Intervals

Service intervals for the McLaren range are based on an annual service, diagnostics and inspections with additional items being recommended depending on the mileage. Vehicles driven on track will require additional maintenance and we can tailor your service plan to suit your car and driving requirements.

Mclaren Service Cost Examples

Annual Service Inspection:

Engine oil change with genuine oil filter.

£407.33 exc VAT

£488.79 inc VAT

20,000 Mile Service Inspection:

Engine oil, genuine engine oil filter, engine coolant, clutch oil change with genuine filter and seal.

£856.40 exc VAT

£1,027.67 inc VAT

40,000 Mile Service Inspections:

Engine oil, genuine engine oil filter, engine coolant, clutch oil change with genuine filter and seal change, gearbox oil change with genuine transmission filter.

£1,215.51 exc VAT

£1,473.82 inc VAT

Popular Options

Cabin Filter


£90.76 exc VAT

£108.91 inc VAT

Air Filter


£211.79 exc VAT

£254.15 inc VAT

Brake Fluid Change

£99.29 exc VAT

£119.15 inc VAT

Additional Info

Engine Oil

During servicing of Mclarens we only use genuine parts and the oil that is recommended or exceeds the Manufacturers standards. Like many of the high performance cars we work on the standard factory engine fill is Mobil 1 0w40 (We have 1,000 litre internal drums) and we also carry Castrol 10w-60 Supercar oil for modified engines or cars that see a lot of track time which offers both improved lubrication and protection in extreme use.

Gearbox Oil

The dual clutch Graziano transmission uses Pentosin oil for its clutch assembly which we have been using on our other DCT high performance cars since 2009 and carry huge stock. We also carry the Pentosin Racing fluid for cars that are used regularly on track as this gives increased protection at high temperatures. The main gearbox fluid is also well known to us and is held in large quantities so this allows us to offer the very best pricing on the transmission fluids.

Brake fluid

We use Motul's excellent DOT 5.1 brake fluid as our standard replacement fluid but for cars that see hard use on track we also carry Castrol SRF Brake fluid for the ultimate pedal feel and consistency.

Track Driving Inspections

For those customers enjoying their McLaren’s regularly on track days, we can tailor your servicing to include any extras you may need such as additional transmission fluid changes or a laser alignment. Give us a call to discuss your next pre or post track day checks and we will be happy to run through the options.

Litchfield Vehicle Health Checks (VHC)

Every car that is serviced at Litchfield receives a full vehicle health check. The service technician will spend time on each car and electronically logs any faults or areas or interest, with photos or video. The health check is then automatically uploaded to our cloud-based service database system and added to the vehicles record. Even if you are not on site, we can show you photos or video of any that may require attention.

As one of the UK's leading performance car specialists, we have considerable knowledge of the Mclaren range and can often spot minor issues before they turn into major problems. The health check builds on this knowledge with a specific version tailored for McLarens based on the factory checks. Once fully informed, customers can then choose to rectify any faults or plan for the future.

Litchfield Passport

Maintaining your Mclaren Service history and provenance is everything. Being able to showcase whom has taken care of your car, to what standard and expenditure, will ultimately have a huge bearing on the car’s future desirability and resale value. It’s why we introduce the option of the Litchfield Passport. This is so much more than just your collated service history, but a detailed record of all the work we have done on your vehicle, from routine maintenance and repairs, through to power graphs and upgrades. A complete narrative that outlines every penny spent and every task lovingly undertaken. Not only a wonderful record and memento for you, but a powerful sales tool should you ever wish to sell the car in the future.